Tamar & Vince: Where is my push gift?

Last night on “Tamar & Vince,” Tamar was still looking for her “push gift.” Her suggestion was a Phantom Rolls Royce for pushing Logan out of her “purse.” I’m with Momma Evelyn, I have never heard of a “push gift” before.

While Tamar kept working on that gift from Vince, she started shooting the trial episodes for “The Real” with her co-hosts Adrienne Bailon, Jeannie Mai, Loni Love, and Tamera Mowry-Housely. Before she started shooting, she had her team help her strap on a detox wrap, under her corset to help with her “snatchback” mission. She was playing no games with getting her body back to where it was.

Vince might have taken it a bit too far in the dressing room when he told Tamar she wasn’t a good mother for not having the nanny’s number. Those words, at a time when she was already feeling horrible for not being home with her baby like she wanted to, were not the ones she wanted to hear … and he refused to actually apologize for them.

Tamar hit the studio to put some more work into her album “Love and War” and was shown an email with the graphics for her album cover, which she wasn’t completely happy with and thought needed some modification. She felt that Vince was having more of a say-so on her own project than she was.

Tamar’s Mom and Dad had some grandparent time with Logan and took him for a stroll in the park … together. They got along and did some reflecting, but once Braxton started getting on Momma Evelyn’s nerves it was time to take a break from the chattering.

Logan did another shoot with Tamar for the cover of Ebony magazine and he was finally taking pictures with his bright eyes wide open. His tax returns are going to be looking real nice with all this work he’s putting in!

Tamar & Vince hadn’t been able to spend some decent time with Lashawn and April so they went out for dinner. They weren’t able to be there for Logan’s birth, but Tamar let them know all the details including some “special words” from Vince while she was in labor when she thought he was about to lean over and give her a hug. Instead he said, “Forget about being cut. You have a show to do in 20 days.” Shame on you, Vince, for trying to pass those off as the Lord’s words.

Tamar might deserve a “push gift” just for that.

By the way, when did we start giving those gifts?

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