Chrissy & Mr. Jones - Happy Birthday, Mr. Jones.

Last night on “Chrissy & Mr. Jones,” Jim’s birthday rolled around and it was time to celebrate … and time for Chrissy to get all her pranks in.

The one thing Mr. Jones wanted for his birthday was a Rolex and his fiancé decided to get a hell of a kick out of playing around with his birthday gift. Apparently so did his mother. Well, at least I hope she was being funny.

During a Miami-themed birthday party, which Chrissy put together, Mama Jones presented Chrissy & Mr. Jones with a goodie bag filled with things to light the fire in the bedroom. Who wants things like that from their mom (in front of their son and friends)?

Chrissy’s first joke was giving him a bust of David and told him it symbolized being able to slay anybody (the giants) in his way. Jim was not amused by the gift or the jokes that accompanied it. Pudie may have taken the cake for having the most thoughtful gift; teaching his dad how to swim.

Jim took his son over to a friend’s house to use his pool for Pudie’s swimming lessons. Jim wasn’t catching on too well, but he definitely got an A for effort. When he asked Pudie to show him how he does the breaststroke, it blew his mind to see how good he was at it—and that he wasn’t wasting his money by sending Pudie to camp.

Momma Jones stopped by the house to update Chrissy on what she had going on and mentioned the book she was writing on love and romance. If that wasn’t shocking enough, she topped it by asking Chrissy to style her for her book’s photo shoot. Chrissy decided to work with her on the terms that if they didn’t get along, she could bow out peacefully. However, she found it hilarious that Mama Jones was writing a book on romance when she tried to destroy hers at one point.

At the shoot, Chrissy showed up and was confused when she had different outfits set up and “accidentally” forgot what Chrissy had pulled out for her. Instead, she decided to go in the direction of masquerade and red lace dresses after feeling that what Chrissy picked out wasn’t sexy enough for the shoot. Chrissy realized it was time to set her career path after wondering why she was even at that bizarre shoot.

Over dinner, Chrissy spoke to Jim about some new things she wanted to get into. She told him she felt she lacked the people around her needed for motivation to which Jim suggested that she speak to the manager of the starts, Deb Antney. Good call. Deb had a great pep talk with Chrissy and gave her the push she felt she needed to start—and finally finish—something she desired to do.

Chrissy still had some jokes up her sleeve, but after also giving him a pair of floaties and a blowup of Mama Jones and the muscle-bound man around her waist from the photo shoot, she finally gave Jim the Rolex that he kept asking for.

That was probably a birthday that Mr. Jones will never forget.

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