Chrissy & Mr. Jones - Let's make this family money

Last night on “Chrissy & Mr. Jones,” Chrissy met up with Emily to talk about working on her women’s clothing line, Lady Vamp, but was unsure of how Jim would react because she already walked away from the line once before.

Chrissy stopped by a promo shoot Jim was having for his Vampire Life clothing line to talk to him about letting her take complete control over Lady Vamp. Dame Dash, a Vampire Life partner, joined the conversation and they both agreed to give her a shot. Let’s make it happen, Chrissy!

On her first day at work spearheading the women’s line, Chrissy pushed the envelope and asked her team to create a t-shirt for fashion week, which was a week away. It called for her to show up at the office for the next seven days and her nerves started kicking in when she wondered if she could pull it off.

A belly shirt-wearing Mama Jones attended a book meeting with publisher Wahida Clark. She took her grandson along so he could learn different avenues that could be taken to make money … including writing a sex book. Taking a 10-year-old along to a meeting about such an explicit topic may not have been the best idea, but Pudie took something away from it.

Pudie decided to start his own hustle after sitting in on the meeting and grabbed a few sneaker boxes out of Jim’s closet so he could sell him. He set up shop right outside the house, but before he could make his first sale Jim came outside and shut it down. Nice try, Pudie. You would’ve made a killing.

To teach him to make money they right way and not “hustle backwards”, Jim gave his son a job as a water boy for a basketball game he was playing in. Pudie felt what it was like to work hard to earn a pay, but said he’ll never want that job again. However, he was gladly going to take the $59, but Jim had something else up his Vampire Life sleeve for his son.

Since Chrissy has taken over Lady Vamp, Jim thought it would be great to make it a family affair and create a children’s line that Pudie could be a part of. He told Pudie that for him to be in on the project, he’d have to make an investment of that $59 and become a financial partner, which he claimed would get him 50% of the business. Pudie made the smart decision to make the investment.

Mama Jones’ book released and she decided to take Sassy along to do some selling and promoting on her own. Something tells me that she should have had professional help that day. I’m pretty sure walking into a book store and demanding that they buy copies to sell wasn’t the way to go about it.

The whole family is in on the money! Let’s see how it all plays out.

Has anyone flipped a few pages in Mama Jones’ book yet?