Scandal - #MamaPopeLives?

Last night on “Scandal,” Olivia got her team together to start working on a new client: her mother. She warned them this one would be the most dangerous case they’d have to date, but they decided to take it on without a thought. “Over a cliff.”

The team started pulling facts to solve the mystery of why her mother died and they learned that Fitz’s father, Big Jerry, was also involved in the cover up. Well, isn’t this some twisted family affair?

On her way out the door of her apartment Olivia’s “Presidential Phone” rang and I thought for a second that she would let it go. I should have known better. Fitz warned her to stop digging into Operation Remington for her safety, but when she did not take his advice he put protective detail back on her.

In a flashback to the days when Fitz was first introduced to Cyrus during is run for governor in California 15 years prior, Big Jerry (Fitz's father) chastised his son for going into the navy and taking on that black ops mission, which left Big Jerry to clean up his mess and cover for him.

Big Jerry admitted to Mellie over drinks what Fitz had done during that mission. Fitz was ordered to take down the commercial flight because there was supposedly a terrorist aboard. So, instead of the plane heading to London and causing a disaster, Command (Papa Pope) ordered Fitz to take the plane down and everyone on board perished. This was the moment all of the Scandal fiends understood the ways of Mellie’s character. After Big Jerry spilled those beans, he sexually assaulted her. From then on there was a change in Mrs. Grant. Those days were the last days she had her own identity before she gave up her life to get Fitz into the White House.

Still digging deep into the death of Olivia’s mom, the team found that, according to flight records, someone was taken off the plane before it took off. In an interview with someone who worked the flight that night, they got the name of the man believed to have been the one escorted off the plane. However, Baby Huck and her inquisitive ways caused a major road block in Pope and Associates’ investigation … or should I say, Baby Charlie.

Quinn began to have some kind of demented flame for Charlie and fell right into his dangerous lap. Sitting in on one of his missions—after their second make out session for the episode—Charlie let Quinn go in to start the job. The plan was for Quinn to use a drug to put a security guard to sleep, but when she stuck the needle in his hand it killed him. She tried phoning Huck for help, but Charlie appeared showing her footage of what she had just done … and welcomed her to B-613. Oh, I bet she wished she’d listen to Huck and minded her own business. The security guard she accidentally killed turned out to be the only lead the team had to the man they believed was escorted off the plane. Come on, Quinn! Have a couple seats for a little while!

Man, Command is always three steps ahead.

President Fitz started doing his own bit of investigating into what really happened on that mission as well and he finally found out that Command was Olivia’s father. Fitz, you have to catch up a little faster, bruh!

This episode packed one hell of a punch, especially when Olivia’s father entered a dingy dark cell and said the words to someone curled up on a hard bed, “Our daughter has been asking about you.”

Now, who else figured out half way through the episode that it was Olivia’s mom who was taken off the plane?

So many questions remain. Is President Fitz’s first child actually his father’s? Why does Olivia’s father have Mama Pope in some horrible cell? When will she see Olivia? They took someone off the plane and then shot it down because there was a “dirty bomb” on board. Was that the real story? If they took someone off the plane before shooting it down, they obviously had to know something was going to go wrong with the flight.

Thursday can’t come fast enough!

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