Chrissy & Mr. Jones - Chrissy finds her own way

Last night on “Chrissy & Mr. Jones,” Chrissy crashed one of Jim’s studio sessions to talk to him about a soft launch event for Lady Vamp. She wanted to show him how seriously she was taking the position and also wanted to see if she could pull some advice out of him, which didn’t go well. Chrissy wasn’t down for his idea of naked models.

The driving force behind Lady Vamp returned to the factory to figure out the final details for the launch with her team. Jim went a long and watching her work must have been something he liked because he couldn’t keep his hands off his working woman.

After another sit down with Deb, Chrissy realized that it was only her validation that counted if she wanted to take her new task full on. Deb’s words really reached her and made her understand that she couldn’t lean on Jim to help her along.


Back at the house, Pudie was also taking his position as CEO and designer of Jr. Vamp seriously. With the help of his grandmother he started designing t-shirts for the clothing line. Jim was so happy when he got home to see his son hard at work. Pudie took the opportunity to remind his dad that he needed managers, assistants and lawyers to back him on his business venture. This young man is about his money! Mama Jones was trying to get a cut, but Pudie told both her and Jim that they only get 10%. He had a valid point to back up his decision. Jim wasn’t asking Chrissy for 50% of Lady Vamp so, as the CEO, he shouldn't only get 50% of Jr. Vamp. Well, what could be said after that?

Mama Jones decided to try out another hustle to earn a check. She and her partner in crime started a web show called “Chatt’n with Mama.” Sassy came over and Mama Jones had put together a beach scene in her living room for her talk show set. This woman is trying to make her own money any way possible. You kind of have to respect her hustle. The first guest on the show was Ice-T and he was a good sport about being on her web show. The conversation was surprisingly interesting.

Lady Vamp’s soft launch went well. She pulled off a great event and Jim showed up with a bouquet of flowers to support his lady. He also showed up with kind words telling Chrissy how proud he was that she put in all that work without having to depend on anyone.

Toast to Chrissy!

Now, be honest, who did a Google search for “Chatt’n with Mama” after this episode to find more clips of her web series? Don’t be ashamed to raise your hand!