Preachers of LA - The in-laws come to town

Last night on “Preachers of LA,” before Dominique’s wedding ceremony to Minister Deitrick Haddon, First Lady LaVette Gibson met with Dominique, Myesha and Christy to have some ladies’ talk and offer some advice to the newly wed. They had some pretty sound advice, in my opinion.

When Dominique asked the ladies what she should do to keep their love life on track, Myesha answered “Frequency.” She did a lot of playing on words when she could have just as easily said “sex.” LaVette didn’t have any issues with the word and even advised that they try it in different places. Well, go ‘head, Miss Thang!

Deitrick’s “by the book” parents were coming to town, but Dominique was very nervous because she felt they still blamed her for Deitrick’s prior divorce. Detrick had yet to let his parents know that he and Dominique had already eloped a few weeks ago, which didn’t make her feel any better about his parents coming.

Once his parents arrived, they all went out to dinner and he broke the news that they were already married. Surprisingly, her parents received it well. Ironically, I expected all hell to break loose, but it was great too see them accepted it. However, his father, Bishop Clarence Haddon, still had a gripe with his son for having a child out of wedlock. He told his son that he will baptize their daughter at the wedding ceremony, but was not yet ready to restore his son to his position in the church. That’s some tough love.

Bishop Noel Jones hadn’t been feeling well and it was the doctor’s orders for him to slow his life down. The only person he knew that could slow him down was the same one he pushed away; Loretta. So Noel went crawling back and it wasn’t as easy as he thought.

He showed up to Loretta’s restaurant as she was closing and told her he needed her back in his life, but even though she expressed that she missed him as well, she was reluctant. Loretta wanted to be sure that he was serious and that they were both in the right space to get back together. Bishop Noel was left to wait for her decision.

Myehsa had a lot on her plate planning the Gospel Fest. The day had finally arrived for the show to start, but it was off to a very rocky start. An hour pass the start time, the sound was still not working. Wayne arrived and was visibly frustrated that things were not going as smoothly as they should have been, but the sound eventually kicked in and the show was a great one. Myesha closed the show and delivered a great performance. She must have caught the spirit while on stage because she busted out in a little G-rated “Jesus Twerk.”

Dominique finally had the long overdue talk with Deitrick’s mother, Joyce, on where they stood in their relationship and if there even was one between them. Joyce opened up the discussion and sincerely apologized for anything she may have said or done that made Dominique feel uncomfortable or as if she wasn’t cared about. Joyce admitted that when they first met she was more concerned about her son’s future, like any mother would, than about the new woman in her son’s life. Dominique explained that all was already forgiven on her end. They cleared the air and got rid of that elephant in the room. It opened up the way for them to move on and let their relationship flourish. They seemed to be moving on pretty well.

At Dominique’s bridal shower, Joyce stood up and gave a heartfelt speech telling all the ladies how grateful she was that Dominique came into Deitrick’s life.

How sweet!

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