Scandal - A pimp, a prisoner and a power drill

If you thought things couldn’t get anymore shocking than last week’s episode of “Scandal,” Shonda Rhimes showed otherwise.

Last night on “Scandal,” Congresswoman Josie Marcus’ laptop, which supposedly had campaign strategies on it was stolen and found at Governor Reston’s campaign headquarters. The team found out that Candice—Josie’s “sister-daughter,” according to Abbey—was behind planting the laptop at the headquarters. Maybe Harrison should have waited to figure out who was really behind stealing the laptop before he slept with Candice.

Josie refused to take Olivia’s advice and fire Candice so that she could still have a good run in the presidential election. She chose family and took the blame for planting the laptop denouncing her candidacy.

Things for Cyrus and James were rocky at home since James got fired. Cyrus told James that he hooked him up with a job at a Sunday magazine. The magazine was looking for someone to do a puff story on Vice President Sally Langston’s husband. Last week, when trying to throw a wrench in Sally’s run for president, Mellie and Cyrus found out that Sally’s husband was gay. Leave it up to Cyrus to pimp his own husband to keep Fitz in the white house. Does he not have limits?

Cyrus coaxed James into doing the interview on her husband’s turf when Sally was away. He told him to make sure they had drinks so he would open right up about his life when Cyrus’ main goal was to get the vice president’s husband to make a move on James so the photographer hiding in a tree could get it on camera. Well, Cyrus doesn’t give James’ intelligence enough credit.

As expected, Sally’s husband made his move and when James pushed him off he blabbed that Mellie planted in his head that he and Cyrus were in an open relationship. James put all the pieces together after that … and stayed. When James came home Cyrus received the sexual photos of James and Sally’s husband. Pay back is a big one, isn’t it? He got what he deserved.

After the murder of the security guard who was a key piece to help the team solve the mystery of Mama Pope’s “death,” Liv and the gang started working on trying to figure out who was behind killing the guard. Quinn started to lose her cool because she knew the team would figure out who carried out the mission. Of course, they were going to figure it out! It’s “Pope & Associates.” She failed at cleaning up after herself and Huck successfully cleared up an image of Quinn’s reflection walking into the building that night. When Quinn got to her apartment, Huck was already there with his torture toys laid out and told her they need to talk about who she’s been working for … Oh, Lord! Will Command lose his only eyes into the office of “Pope & Associates”?

Liv finally smashed her “Presidential Phone” when Fitz would not stop calling, but after he sent her a photo of her and her father together sending her the message that he knew who her father was, she agreed to give him the hour he was asking for. He had her flown out to Vermont and they met inside of a house. It was a beautiful house. It was unfinished, but beautiful nonetheless. Fitz revealed that it was a house he had built for the both of them when he believed there was still a chance. He added the tidbit that there were rooms upstairs for lots of kids and into his arms she went. I gave her props for smashing the phone until she turned around and gave it up to Fitz again. Before she left, Fitz told her that her father needed to be stopped and she said he should do whatever he needed to because her father “knew what he signed up for.” This show is filled with some strange relationships.

In the cell that Mama Pope was locked up in, Eli, Liv’s father, told Mama Pope he was having her moved the next morning to a cell out of the country so she wouldn’t be found. He denied her request to see Olivia before she was flown out of the country to live out the rest of her days in a cell. Mama Pope didn’t like the idea of that. So she tried to kill herself … by eating at her wrists until she found major arteries. It took her sitting in a cell for 20-something years for her to finally snap?

She woke up in a bed the next morning after being treated for her injuries. Oh no, ma’am! You’re not leaving this cast so soon! The suicide attempt must have hit Eli’s soft spot because he brought Mama Pope newspaper clippings that had photos of Olivia. It didn’t take long for Eli’s soft side to disappear and start blaming Mama Pope for being the reason Olivia didn’t grow up with her mother. The plan to move her out of the country was still in motion, but when the doctor stepped in to sedate her she stuck the needle in his neck and escaped. Eli got there too late. She had already found Olivia

always leaves us with dozens of questions after every episode, but I think the biggest questions after last night are “Why is Mama Pope a prisoner?” and “What is she going to tell Liv?”

What else are you wondering? Do you think Quinn will get holes drilled into her?