Chrissy & Mr. Jones - Let the war begin

Last night on “Chrissy & Mr. Jones,” everyone in the Jones family pulled out the heavy guns for a nasty prank war.

Chrissy popped up (again) at Jim’s video shoot for his single “Nasty Girl” and bossed Jim into putting some of the girls in his video in some Lady Vamp shirts. Although she bullied him into doing it, Jim was impressed that she went to the shoot to work and not to be nosy.

Mama Jones babysat Pudie while Chrissy was at the shoot and she got him to partake in a little mischief. Wait, I thought it was supposed to be the other way around. She decided to sneak into Chrissy’s room and slip some shoes into her bag as her pay for watching Pudie. That didn’t look like a prank to me. That looked strangely similar to stealing. Someone should probably explain pranking to Mama Jones one more time.

Since Chrissy had been working so hard helping to take care of Pudie and pulling Lady Vamp together, Jim decided to surprise his lady with a ladies night out … but with a Jim Jones spin on it, which isn’t usually a good thing. He met up with Emily and let her in on his plan that included a pink stretch Hummer limo as their chariot. Emily gave him the crazy eyes when he described the limo. They both knew Chrissy wouldn’t have that.

When Chrissy opened her front door and saw Emily standing next to a huge “Pepto-Bismol limo,” Jim and Pudie could have hit the floor from laughter. They decided to make the best of the night anyway. She scooped up some more friends and they all had a night on the town even though they pulled up to the club in that limo. She had to throw back a few extra glasses of champagne to cope with having to step out of her embarrassing chariot, but enjoyed her night either way. Chrissy appreciated what Jim did, but started the blueprint for her payback.

During a trip to the grocery, Chrissy asked Mama Jones to help her with her revenge. They all went out to Mr. Chow for a family dinner and, knowing Jim doesn’t do well with live crabs, they set it up for the waiter to bring one out to him. Jim uncovered his silver platter to a live crab and flew from his seat out of fear … then flipped everyone a couple birds for his torture.

This season is showing a whole new side of the Joneses. It seems like the pranks continue in next week’s episode when they trick Jim into going hiking.

Are we enjoying this softer side of the Jones family?

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