Chrissy & Mr. Jones - Cashin' Out

Last night on “Chrissy & Mr. Jones,” Pudie got to cash out for the first time as the CEO of Junior Vamp and he felt like a boss with that knot in his pocket. Jim told Pudie that a few stores put in some orders for Junior Vamp t-shirts and handed Pudie over $1,500 cash across the table.

Chrissy took the new business man, Pudie, out to shop for a suit. He wasn’t really into the suit look, but they found one they can agree on and Chrissy was shocked when Pudie pulled out a wad of money to try and pay for the suit himself. She felt that he shouldn’t be walking around with that amount of money in his pocket at his age. I agree! It’s great that Jim wants to give his son what he didn’t have, but that may not have been the best way to go about it.

Since Pudie failed at spending his own money on his suit, he made his grandmother take him to the bike store. While he was looking at the bikes, Mama Jones started to work her plan on getting Pudie to invest in Pumkash instead of spending the money on himself. That failed, but Pudie did come up with other plans for the money.

Jim had to hear Chrissy’s mouth about the cash he gave his son, but in this case he needed to. Jim had to figure out a way to get Pudie to give him back the money so he could open up a savings account for him and keep the peace in the Jones household. He realized that taking a kid out for ice cream does not work when trying to get back $1,500 from an intelligent 10-year-old. Pudie didn’t budge, but told his dad not to worry because had good plans to use the money on family.

Pudie surprised Chrissy, Jim and Mama Jones with a night of family laser tag. After they had their fun and sat down over pizza, Jim told him he was going to open savings account with whatever money that was left over and teach him about money the right way.

It was time to celebrate over at Mama Jones’ crib. Pumkash was out in stores and Mama Jones wanted to celebrate with a small launch party. Strippers included … kind of. Freddie busted through the door, stripped down to his boxers and took the party to a whole new level of strangeness.

Leave it to Mama Jones.

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