Chrissy & Mr. Jones - Goodbye Summer

Last night on the season finale of “Chrissy & Mr. Jones,” it was the last stretch of summer before Pudie had to go back to school.

Jim took Pudie back-to-school shopping and Pudie got embarrassed when Jim kept running around playing with basketballs, using him as a dodge ball target and bowling in the middle of the store. I think Jim gets a kick out of embarrassing his son. It’s actually pretty funny.

Since they had so much fun with Pudie and didn’t get to spend much time alone, Jim decided to take Chrissy to Miami for some “grownup time.” He had some romantic plans to surprise Chrissy by taking her out to dinner and slipping into the restaurant’s kitchen to help cook the meal they’d eat, but things didn’t go quite the way they should have.

On the night of his special dinner, he slipped away to the kitchen claiming he had to use the bathroom because of a stomachache, but when he pulled out the ingredients he got a little overwhelmed—especially when he realized he had to kill the lobster he needed to cook himself. We all now know how Jim gets around live seafood. He took so long that Chrissy left the restaurant looking for him to see if he was okay.

When the food came out and he kept complimenting the chef, Chrissy got curious about what the catch was and Jim said he’d bring out the chef so they can be introduced. He stepped came back out a few seconds later in a chef’s jacket and Chrissy was all smiles. Those two are too adorable.

Mama Jones kept an eye on Pudie while Chrissy and Jim were away and she put him straight to work. The spent some time repainting furniture until it turned into a paint war. Mama Jones may not be a typical grandmother, but she seems like she’d be the perfect partner-in-crime for a 10-year-old.

They had a great weekend, but Chrissy and Jim decided to cut their weekend short so they can get back home to Pudie for his first days of school.

It was a summer full of hustling and family bonding for the Jones family. I can’t wait to see what’s next for them.

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