Scandal - Who is Mama Pope?

Last night on Scandal, Huck had some unfinished business with Quinn. We all know that once he starts his “you’ve been a very bad girl” speech, it all goes downhill from there. Quinn was almost saved by the ring when Liv called, but before leaving his latest victim to wait until he returned he decided to get a start on things and started some dental work on Quinn. At least he promised not to kill her.

The images of James and Douglas Langston were still swimming around Cyrus’ head. James continuously made suggestive comments about Douglas to try and push buttons, but Cyrus wouldn’t break or admit that he set him up. James planted in his husband’s head that he’d be meeting again with Douglas while Cyrus was handling business elsewhere.

Cyrus rushed home and even though Douglas wasn’t there, he finally lost all cool and told James he knew he slept with Douglas. James confronted him about pimping him out. He told Cyrus he wanted a divorce for what he did and for trying to shame another gay man even though he, himself, was gay … but the tables turned when Cyrus wished him luck with that when he still held the photos of James’ infidelity.

Sally “Holier than thou” Langston gave in and agreed to announce she had a change of heart and was now pro-choice to save her chance in the presidential election. She made sure to let Fitz know she was ready to take him down.

Fitz took it out on Cyrus because he didn’t handle the Sally Langston problem. So Cyrus decided to follow through with the mission and drop the photos of James and Douglas on Sally’s desk. His plan backfired. Sally knew he couldn’t use the photos as leverage because he would go down as well. Since he figured Sally would never tell, he picked up the phone and begged James for forgiveness and lied about no one ever seeing the photos. But after Sally called Cyrus for help after she killed her husband leaving him in a pool of his own blood… the fate of those photos may change. Something tells me the deceit will backfire on Cyrus once again.

In the safe house where Olivia took her mother to hide, Mama Pope told them she found out what her husband was doing for a living and was going to blow the whistle on the whole operation, but Eli found out before she could do it. That was how she ended up in a cell under the name Omar Dresdin—the same name of the “man” the team was on the hunt for.

Mama Pope told them she was able to find Olivia because she escaped from where she was being held. Jake and Huck wasted no time in slicing a tracking device from behind her neck once those words left her mouth. They were just in time because B-613 was right on their tail with Quinn’s boyfriend, Charlie, leading the way.

They found another hideout spot and Mama Pope finally got Liv alone so they could talk. The casualness of Mama Pope’s conversation as if she did not just “come back from the dead” after twenty-something years was a little strange. Mama Pope told Olivia how she’d imagined her daughter’s life being and was disappointed to see that she reminded her of Eli.

Liv began putting a plan to get Mama Pope to Hong Honk for her safety into motion until they learned that her mother had been put on the no-fly list, but with Fitz’s help she was able to get her on a plane. However, when the plane started taking off Liv had a flashback of a phone call she answered as a little girl the day her mother “died.” She may have taken too long to put the pieces together and realize that her mother was the true monster her father was protecting her from all along …

Charlie found Quinn where Huck left her. Quinn confided in him that Huck was the only person she had until he hurt her. I guess all she has is Charlie now. She joined his team … or so he’s letting her think. While Huck held her captive, she bargained with him in between her teeth being ripped out of her face. She told Huck that she could help carry out he and Jake’s mission of taking out Command.

Having them under the impression that she was going to help B-613 find Mama Pope, Quinn walked into Command’s office with Charlie. When Eli leaned over to grab the security footage she asked him for … Quinn readied her lethal needle. One just like the one she used to kill the security guard …


How is Mama Pope the true monster? Will Command fall for Quinn’s scheme? Will Quinn kill the wrong person? Is Sally Langston going to have to drop out of the presidential race because she’ll be sitting in a prison cell?