"Real Housewives of Atlanta - Is Walter Stalking Kenya?"

Last time on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta the women showed us how mean they could be by consistently allowing their husbands to keep inviting Kenya’s ex Walter to events. Kenya in turn decided to do what I would have done - storm out.  Who wants to be in the company of your ex constantly? YUCK. Do you blame her at all ladies for being upset? When Cynthia sat down with Kenya after Kandi’s housewarming, she explained to Kenya that she needed to ignore this whole thing, and learn how to co-exist with Walter being around at most events because Atlanta was small. I think the ladies were being mean girls, they knew this was Kenya’s weakness and they kept trying to go for her jugular. It’s all well and good to know your worth but always running into an ex who is standing ten feet away at a party is annoying.  

Porsha decided to sit down with a therapist to discuss her and Kordell’s issues with having a baby. Porsha talked about her feelings with losing her last pregnancy and how unexpressive she was with her husband about it. That must have been a very traumatic experience, and sometimes men may not get it. Based on the last few episodes I am not sure Kordell was really interested in having a baby.  Last time he wanted Porsha to choose between her career and being a mom.

Kandi finally had a launch party for her business, Bedroom Kandi. One of the things that Kandi said during her opening speech was how starting her own business came from an idea that grew beyond her dreams and I have to say ladies it’s true. Go out there, and do what you love that’s the only way to be truly happy. She said “I am doing something, that I never thought I could do”. It felt good to see her success with this, we all can achieve our dreams if we work hard at it.

Kandi also discussed with her boyfriend Todd the possibility of her mom moving in with them. Todd didn’t seem too hot about the idea, so Kandi felt like well if you are so opinionated where’s the ring? Also she sprung on Todd about what he thought about a pre-nup? YIKES.  Kandi wants to make sure she isn’t being taken for her Bedroom Kandi empire lol. Kandi is really successful and honestly I don’t know if I’m mad at her but does it take away the essence of real love and romance?

What was the probability that Kenya and Phaedra would be filming their booty DVD’s around the same time. Phaedra had hers at a Beverley Hills home in Los Angeles, and Kenya had hers in a nice work out room. They both went back and forth spewing what was too fat, or unhealthy about each other. It was funny, and sad. Lol. Phaedra’s looked like she was at the club, and Kenya spent her time micromanaging every detail of the shoot. Which one did you like? I have no comment. Greg decided to pop the question again to his ex-wife Nene. I thought that was great, that they could bring their relationship back together again after their ups and downs. Tune in next time.
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