"Braxton Family Values - Papa Braxton To The Rescue"

Last night on “Braxton’s Family Values” the ladies were trying hard to rebuild their relationships with each other. Their parents Michael Braxton and Evelyn sat down with the ladies at a family dinner in Los Angeles to allow for family time, and to bring things back to normal. Even though everyone had gotten most of what they wanted off their chest last time, things still seemed a bit tense. Since Tamar and Traci had gone through a series of misunderstandings in the past they thought it would be a great idea if they engaged in some sisterly work out fun together. This was especially a good time for this work-out session since Traci was gearing up to do the DMV’s Foundation For Women’s Cancer race to raise money for fighting cancers affecting women. We all know Traci wasn’t always team exercise so this could have been a challenge, but Traci knew that she had to show and prove and do this.

Trina was in the process of looking for store space, to open her new clothing store. The spaces weren’t exactly what Trina was looking for because most of the spaces were gutted out, too spacious, or way too much going on. Trina wanted to involve her sisters but had concerns on whether they would all be able to rely together and do this. Trina especially felt like she didn’t want to include her mother Evelyn, because she wanted this to be a group venture with her sisters. Tamar felt offended that her mother wasn’t included in the venture and of course was complaining to Toni about it. It could never go smoothly.

The day of Traci’s race she had to first film a PSA, and deliver a speech for the cause.   Traci kept calling white women “Albinos” and forgetting parts of her speech saying “My grandma’s white, how bout that? Boom!”  But once she was able to correlate this issue to her own health scare Traci pulled it through. Traci walked the race most of the way, but sprinted to the end to finish her commitment. Sometimes that’s all that matters, that we push our way through to the end. When Trina sat down to discuss the financial aspect of the venture with Gabe, since he would be financially involved he told Trina he wasn’t crazy about the idea of her sisters being involved, because she’s done most of the leg work. I kind of didn’t blame Gabe, these women can be drama filled when it comes to working together.

While Toni and Towanda were hanging out at the house, Toni informed her sister that she may be hanging up her microphone, and involvement in the music industry. I do believe Toni has a beautiful voice, but album sales may not be the way she would like them to be at the time. If Toni is looking for validation from that, I could understand her feelings in wanting to retire but she is definitely a wonderful talent.  Towanda suggested that Toni speak with Baby face, and get some real understanding to what is going on with her emotionally to why she doesn’t want to sing anymore. Will the sisters join together and embrace this business venture? Stay tuned next time!
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