"Braxton Family Values - Keep The Sisters & The Husbands Separate"

This time on "Braxton Family Values", Mama E was considering moving to Los Angeles to be close to her daughters Tamar and Toni who thought it would be better for her dating life and so Tamar could have someone to cook her meals. Tamar explained to her mom that the best reason to move is to cook for her???? Only Tamar. When Towanda and Trina got together without the other sisters to see a possible location for the new clothing boutique,Towanda was stunned to hear that Gabe was also part of the deal. I think these sisters should get over Gabe’s past already, if Trina loves her husband and wanted to make it work, let her be.

When Trina decided to take Gabe to see the location option for the new boutique, Gabe wasn't happy about the new location at all because of the unattractive power lines. Gabe was also unhappy that her sisters were now involved, oh boy, these people are nuts. Hello Gabe, aren't you trying to fit back into this family, how dare you be opposed to working with Trina's family? Instead of making the moment dull, Gabe decided he would propose with his now real engagement ring. Ugghh, I can't believe he actually got her a fake one.

When Trina met the other sisters in Los Angeles to break the news that they would be partnering with Gabe, Toni told her to cut her share of the business with Gabe, but she wants no parts of him unless it has to do with only him being her brother in law. I'm not surprised at all that this whole business idea has turned into a back and forth, I mean this is what the Braxton sisters do. LOL.

On the up side Towanda and Andre seemed to be trying to build the love back in their relationship or at least Andre was. Andre decided to take Tango classes with Towanda which happened to be a very intimate dance genre that does provoke emotion and passion. Towanda was up for the challenge as long as she did not fail.

Toni was being honored for her work with the Lupus Foundation and her mom and sisters joined her to support. To engage folks to donate money to the cause they had an auction with a burgundy bag up for bidding that Trina was obsessed with. Trina was unable to get the bag because she wasn't fast enough to maneuver through the crowd to bid before the auction closed. The whole affair was comedy because even at serious affairs these ladies know how to keep it hilarious. Toni posed for a photo opportunity with Jackee who Trina insulted by asking her why she didn't have a touchscreen? It is 2013, but I do know some folks who don't have one.

Toni decided to recharge her feelings for her singing career again by meeting in the studio with Baby Face. Even though Toni was in the studio, she struggled to really feel excited about the experience. For Toni, the lack of commercial success in the last few years had really put a damper on doing music. I think Toni should focus on bringing the passion back into her music more than selling records. At the end of the day, if the music is good people will follow. I believe her intentions are totally in the wrong place, I'm just saying. Till next time!!!

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