"Braxton Family Values - Sister Therapy"

Last time on " Braxton Family Values", Toni flew out of the session pissed off that Tamar suggested that the sisters were jealous of her. Toni explained that this was a stressful time, because they had been doing a lot more fighting than being a family. The question I have asked myself is besides Tamar running her mouth all the time, was there a level of small jealousy because of the success of Tamar on the show? Toni spoke to the therapist and told her that the family drama had been making her sick, and she really needed to take care of herself instead of being bothered with them. In the agitation of the last therapy session Trina also got a little snippy with her mom, and she made it right by taking her out to lunch. At the end of the day I know these women love each other, but there is a time when families can drift apart, but through communication it can work out.  
The Braxton's father Michael Braxton Sr. was called to the rescue to try to mend things back together with the ladies. The main thing is that everyone wasn't fighting with each other - they were upset with Tamar. The main issue every season seems to be Tamar's mouth. Although Tamar told her father she didn't know what the problem was I believe Tamar's mouth has been the main factor for a while. Evelyn and their dad sat everyone down, as they talked and tried to listen to each other. Traci couldn't attend because her husband had gotten a little sick in the DMV but the others attempted to mend everything thus far.  Tamar felt like the therapy session was about them jumping all over her. It was so interesting to me that Tamar didn't really think she was at least part of the problem. If she would just stop looking at it as a bashing and listen maybe they could really get somewhere. In the end everyone wanted an apology but Tamar's way of apologizing just didn't feel authentic. When Toni got emotional the ladies decided at that point they needed to end the drama. When Mr. Braxton met up with Traci to ask her to forgive Tamar as well she didn't take it very well, and stormed out on the conversation. Yikes.
Tamar attempted to enjoy some quality sister time by going out with Toni for tea. Unbeknownst to us, Tamar told Toni how rough it was having a number one single "Love & War" released and not being able to share that moment with her sisters. That must have really hurt, because it would have been nice to have her sisters there to applaud her. Mr. Braxton attempted to meet with Traci again, to really figure out what she was so angry about. In a nice way Mr. Braxton tried to ask if Traci would sit down with Tamar to mend the existing drama these women have had with each other all their lives. MMMM.... Traci wasn't really being the nicest to Tamar the last encounters so I wasn’t surprised when the sit down kind of went left.  
Gabe, who we haven't heard much news about this season, decided to enlist the sisters to help him go ring shopping since the wedding ring he bought Trina was FAKE!!! UGHH... he is too much. Who buys someone a cubic zirconia wedding ring? Since Gabe had been a cheating husband the last time, the ladies decided bigger was better. Till next time will Gabe stop being cheap and buy a real ring for Trina? Will Traci and Tamar get rid of their sister rivalry?
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