R&B Divas - The Divas In New York

This time on R&B Divas Monifah’s birthday was coming up and she decided to do a showcase in New York City. Since Latosha was the new member of the team Monifah asked her if she would join. Monifah is comfortable in her skin, and she just wanted to showcase her talents and how far she’s come. With all the tension with the ladies Monifah knew this would be a sure way to get everyone together. The women have been propositioned to go on a tour and everyone is wondering if the tour will go well with Syleena’s sister Syleecia managing it. Keekee was especially apprehensive of allowing Syleena’s sister to be the spear head of this tour since she wondered what experience she had in doing this. Michael, Keekee’s husband felt he knew what was best and going on this tour was definitely the right move, however Keekee was full of pranks and wasn’t taking everything seriously at all.

Faith Evans was in New York, and she hooked up with Biggie Small’s daughter Tyanna, which was adorable. It was really good seeing her. Faith decided to go down memory lane with Lil Cee’s to look at where Biggie used to live. While in New York everyone was getting ready for the showcase including Monifah who featured my favorite hair-stylist in Brooklyn, Miss Zulema Hunt from Zu Stylez Salon. Monifah was a little nervous because she was in her home town, but she was also grateful for how far she had come in her journey. Nikki and Faith also hooked up to chat about Monifah’s showcase to only get an email about the tour that they all hadn’t really agreed to. Nikki felt completely disrespected and thought Syleena’s sister was way out of line.

While in New York Keekee’s husbandger decided to get her a meeting with Londell Mcmillan, who is an industry great. When Keekee got there she wasn’t serious at all and Londell wondered if Keekee was really ready for some rebranding in her career. First of all when you burp at a meeting with a potential management team, YIKES. Keekee was really excited to be able to work with this team; hopefully she would get more serious in the long run.

The night of Monifah’s tour the ladies convene without Syleena to discuss why they were now on an email blast about a tour they never agreed to. The ladies felt like doing business with Syleeena's sister was out of the question. Honestly I wasn’t sure if Syleena’s sister really meant a lot of harm in trying to book them a tour. Everyone loves these singers’ voices why not? On another note Monifah’s show was amazing; she really gave her all from the heart. All the ladies came up and joined the show, as Monifah performed old goodies, it was really nice. I’m so excited that we are getting to see old diva’s that we loved, give us some good soul music.


In the end, we found out that Syleena and Syleecia had not sent out the email blast about the tour, the touring company did. The women questioned why a tour wasn’t a good idea, and why everyone was so frazzled about it, isn’t making money, and staying relevant the point? Some of the ladies had even filed a cease and desist to stop the tour. Wow. Drama. Till next time. Check out my blog for juicy celebrity details: www.lypservice.blogspot.com