R&B Divas - The Girls Get Emotional At An AIDS Benefit

Last night the ladies prepared themselves mentally to perform for Sheryl Lee Ralph‘s “Diva’s Simply Singing” show for her A.I.D.S awareness foundation but Angie and Latosha couldn’t make it because of prior engagements. Latosha was now working on breaking out of the Xscape phase, and she felt like she was in a good place after the Jermaine Dupri So So Def reunion performance. Angie was also working on reinventing herself with some new music. The ladies felt like Angie was always coming across as an Auntie but she was. Angie is a classic act musically, and you have to respect that whether she’s older than the ladies or not. Since KeeKee was preparing for her performance for the event as well she thought it best to give her son some first class lessons on why they shouldn’t be having sex at the risk of getting STD’s, with a demonstration on a hot dog with STD’s. LOL.

Latosha met up with Jermaine Dupri to discuss her future in music, but Jermaine felt like Latosha needed to stick to her old fan base, and not be so anxious about catering to her new fan base. He wanted to really understand who the new Latosha was. A lot of artists get disillusioned thinking they can step back into the music game after many years, and capture the new audience and it’s really difficult. I appreciated that Jermaine was honest with her. Nikki also talked to her daughter about her cousin who died of A.I.D.S and how emotional it was for her. Nikki talked about the frequent reaction of ostracizing people with A.I.D.S back in the 80’s when people didn’t understand the disease. Nikki admitted and regretted her family’s reaction to a cousin that had the disease, who she felt really needed support. Prior to the show the ladies met with Cheryl Lee Ralph and Keekee opened up about also having a family member who she revealed had A.I.D.S, and she got really emotional.

The episode definitely opened up an intimate conversation about the disease, and how we all know someone, suffering, close or far with this disease. Keekee knew that doing this performance was going to be very emotional for her and the ladies worried she wouldn’t do well on stage. For Nikki and Keekee this performance was going to be very close to home, and hard to deliver a full performance without breaking down. In the end Keekee ended up delivering a stellar performance that was dedicated to her family member. She did cry, but she pulled through and made it. It was extremely hard for Nikki to deliver her performance but she had the support of the women, who came on stage and helped her sing. It was very touching.

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