Braxton Family Values - Mama E's Blind Date

Last time on The Braxton Family Values Tamar was in pursuit of getting Mama E to date again. Tamar felt like the solution was dating on line but Evelyn felt like those folks were always crazy, and I have to say, I agree. Trina decided that she was now going to go into business with her sisters instead of getting Gabe involved, because the truth was she didn’t want to deal with anymore flack. I think it was a little bit unfair that he was cut off, because he did put in a lot of work. I’m sorry, but Trina should have put her foot down. Gabe hasn’t always been a good husband but you got back with him. Toni had to attend a premiere for her Life time movie” Twist Of Faith” which I saw, and all the sisters were in tow. Toni was really trying to move her career over to acting, but everyone seemed to be disappointed. I love Toni’s music, whether it’s selling out in the stores or not, she is just talented. While at the premiere the sisters noticed how cute the White leading man was, and talked about how they wanted to treat him to a nice kiss. LOL.

The movie premiere was a hit, and Toni even admitted to being a little shy kissing her cast member. I haven’t seen Toni with a man in years; I was hoping there would have been some kind of sparks with this leading man. LOL. Evelyn finally decided to go out with a guy Tamar hooked her up with from a match making company. Just as I thought it was a night mare experience because the man was unresponsive, dead, sleep, and BORING.

Tamar attended a pregnancy yoga class, which I found out is really good, as my friend attended these classes when she was pregnant. Tamar hated the yoga, but it’s actually really good for pregnant women. Tamar was more concerned with whether they would be planning her baby shower, but Trina felt like Tamar was very mean to her during her own pregnancy. Tamar wanted to milk the whole pregnancy to her advantage, by demanding a baby shower.

The sisters got together to talk about the store. The women disagreed about everything from the name, to who was scheduling meetings. In the end the women made an oath to hold meetings, and be fully involved in the planning for the store. Tamar and Mama E went to get a little pampering time in, and Tamar complained about the pregnancy. Tamar was complaining about how tired she was, and how difficult this pregnancy was. Tamar had not realized how hard this would be, and felt the other ladies had not told the whole truth. The truth is most women fantasize about this blessing, but nobody really talks about the crazy things that happen as Tamar says, your mouth gets juicy, and you blow up. LOL. Bringing a life in this world is not easy but the rewards of motherhood I’m sure are great.

Mama E’s second date option ended up being a real hit. She actually wanted to see him again. Mama E now wanted all the sisters to stay out of her business. Till next time…. For more celebrity news check out