"Braxton Family Values - Tamar Reveals She's Pregnant"

Last night on "Braxton’s Family Values", the ladies were in Los Angeles and we found out that Mrs. Tamar had gotten some love on top, meaning she was pregnant!  Tamar decided to tell her mother the news first, in such a Tamar fashion. They were discussing what type of mom she would be, and Mama E was confused as to why Tamar was talking about this when she wasn’t one yet. Tamar finally broke the news that she just wasn’t one “yet”, that it was in fact baking in the oven. Awwww.
Trina was working on her second song after the successful release of “Party or Go Home” and decided that the best way to leverage her career was to move to Los Angeles. She knew Gabe wasn’t going to take that news to well but felt this was the best move for her family and career. When she finally broke the news to Gabe his concerns were that Los Angeles was a very expensive place to live, as it sure is. When they finally got to Los Angeles to go house hunting, Trina realized her taste was going to cost them five million dollars. Gabe, who is usually always an advocate of saving, wasn’t really happy with that price tag, especially when he wasn’t too happy to be moving to Los Angeles anyway.
Finally Tamar decided to break the news to her sisters by telling them she had some important news that required they have a toast but only with her drinking water. We all know Tamar is a fish so this was quite a surprise to everyone. She told the women” I’m pregnant, I’ve been doing it”. Toni and Tamar realized that being pregnant usually tells the world that you are doing it, and it’s always made them feel weird. This is very true, but at the same time don’t we all assume married couples are doing it. LOL. The sisters were so excited for Tamar, and realize Tamar was indeed  going to be as a great a mom, as she is an aunt.
Since all these women love to eat and cook, they all decided it was time for their customary family cook-off. I thought this was extremely fun and cute. While doing some family shopping for the event, the women decided to buy some chitterlings. I have to say, I have never tasted this, and really don’t want to. Lol. Chitterlings are supposedly the intestines of a pig, that didn’t sound appetizing at all. All of the women were responsible for a different dish, but somehow in the end everyone seemed to miss the mark on the taste. It was just great to see them getting along as a family, and the drama not being centered on Tamar. I wonder if this means she will be a little bit more reserved the rest of the season. Stay tuned!!!
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