R&B Divas - Nicci may be scheming

Last night on "R&B Divas", Nicci fueled the episode when she invited her girls and former Brownstone group mates, Teisha Brown and Maxee Maxwell, to Atlanta to discuss a charity event … then sat them down over mimosas to talk about reuniting the group.

Meanwhile, Keke discussed having another baby with Michael, but Michael wasn’t having that so soon. Baby Wyatt hasn’t even turned one yet, girl.

Syleena was in the studio with Musiq Soulchild working on their new project. She took the time to confide in him about having a difficult time balancing family and work. The situation with her mom moving in to deal with her personal changes is weighing heavy on her, especially since they never see eye to eye.

Later on in the episode, Nicci brought all of the Divas together to talk to them about the Brownstone reunion show and her ideas for a sponsored neighborhood makeover for the launch of DivasInWildFlowers.org. However, when Nicci announced that she wanted Brownstone and the ladies to perform at the charity event, LaTocha and Syleena gave her the side eye after feeling that her approach was slightly fraudulent. They got the vibe that Nicci was trying to get over by tacking on the “charity” title to get them to perform for free. It did seem very manipulative. I think they may have caught on to exactly what she was doing.

Over in Monifah’s apartment, she began to consider permanently staying in Atlanta to move further with her career. Meanwhile, back in New York her girlfriend, Terez, spilled the beans to a friend that she’s planning to ask for Monifah’s hand in marriage, but the fact the New York would recognize the union and Atlanta wouldn’t put a bit of a damper on the announcement.

Terez also met up with Monifah’s daughter to share the news with her. Although Akemi held her own feelings about the situation, she still supported them.

To close out the episode, Angie hit the couch with Monifa and LaTocha to speak on her own feelings toward how Nicci is going about things. She took it a step further and confronted Nicci, but when she did … the conversation between the two got heated as Angie called her out on some things.

Let’s see how it all plays out next week.