Braxton Family Values - Tamar's Baby Shower

Last night on Braxton Family Values, Toni and Towanda decided to get together while they were in Atlanta to start buying items for Tamar’s baby shower, which was a slumber party with all the sisters. I love baby showers; I think the best thing about being pregnant is knowing your family and friends will be planning a baby shower for you. The ladies decided to get tee’s that were full of the Tamar sayings “Get Your Life”, specifically lol. Tamar on the other hand felt like she was getting fat, and it visibly was showing but in her mind she was still concerned about the public finding out. Ummm girlfriend, you were clearly showing. Evelyn went out on her second date with her new date, which I was so excited about because Mama E hates everybody. The first date included a game of golf, and Mama E requested he stand behind her to help her with her game. LOL.

Toni had been toying with the idea of working with Babyface on some new music material. Toni wanted to retire but Babyface felt like they could really revive her career. Toni however was still a bit precautious on if she wanted to step back into that arena but ended up deciding to do it. Tamar’s pajama party shower was so cute with the song singing, and impersonations of Tamar it was so fun to watch. While at the shower Toni announced she would be moving back to Atlanta. Tamar was extremely sad because she wanted everyone with her so they could help her with the baby. My thing is Tamar not everyone has the luxury of having everybody help them with their baby- SMH. Tamar of course needs to grow up, people have kids and they sometimes have to change their lives to make it work, family is not always there to pick up the slack.

In the end Toni decided she would definitely do some songs with Babyface and he immediately had her be a part of a photo shoot. Toni looked beautiful, and their chemistry musically is undeniable. Babyface and Toni started getting into some relationship woes, and how difficult it is when people get divorced and their partner moves on. I for one know that this is a part of the game. Relationships end, and life moves on for some folks, breakups are never easy. I can’t imagine how it feels to end a marriage because it’s hard enough to end a relationship at times.

The sisters met with Mama E’s new man, and they liked him. They specifically liked the fact that he was financially stable, and he had healthy eating habits. Toni held no punches in asking him about his credit score! Yikes. Traci however was staying out of the fiasco because she was hurt that her mom had told her initially to mind her business. Honestly I felt sorry for the guy, it felt like an interrogation. Later on Towanda had a sisters meeting to discuss Traci’s lashing out against her family members. Supposedly Traci’s husband had been cheating and had a toddler outside while cheating- WOW. It’s one thing for your husband to have cheated but to have a child, poor Traci. The sisters rallied together on whether they should intervene and get a private investigator. Is it there business though? Till next time….. For more celebrity news go to