R&B Divas: Atlanta - The curtains close for now

Season 2 of “R&B Divas” came to a close last night with the second part of the reunion show. Sheryl Lee Ralph hosted the first part to see if she can help come up with a solution to bring the Divas back together.

Syleena explained that she did not sign up for all the drama and the bullying that went on in the show. Although, she didn’t always handle it in the best way, she explained that she was not going to sit back and let younger people watching the show think that they should not stand up for themselves against bullying.

Nicci dug deeper on how she felt an embarrassment to her mother because of the show and blamed it on the fact that the producers of the show were not too fond of her. The portrayal of her on the show is who she claimed she is not. Although, Syleena had a brief objection to that, but Keke quieted her from expanding on it.

Angie finally came to the realization that her “coach to first class mentality” was offensive. Nicci agreed with her, but made it clear that her main issue with Angie was when she called her charity nonexistent on national television without knowing the facts.

The topic of the tour, which seemed to be the main reason for the rift between the Divas, was brought up. The ladies agreed that they would be open to a tour that didn’t exclude anyone and made sense. After hearing them agree on that, Sheryl declared the rift between the women fixable and Joe Clair took the reigns back.

The Divas had done some work with Sheryl Lee Ralph involving AIDS awareness and the topic of the disease was very heavy for many of the women. It was nice to see them come together to perform and speak on such a topic that they have common experiences with … in a civil manner. It’s obvious that they come to their closest when it’s about the music.

However, Joe dove right back into the drama of the tour. They reminisced on how good it felt to be received so well every time they performed as a unit. The fact that Chaka Khan stood up out of her seat for them amplified those feelings. However, when Joe asked for a definitive answer on whether or not there will be a tour all, except for LaTocha and Angie, responded that they’re “not a fortune teller.” Angie believed that God could change their minds and LaTocha simply responded, “not clairvoyant.”

Even though the Divas went through a lot this season and they failed to see eye-to-eye in a lot of situations, they came to the conclusion that regardless of if they’re not all on the same page right now, the sisterhood and love between them is still existent.

If there is a third season, whether or not the all of the ladies will return for it seems to be up in the air. We’ll just have to wait and see.