Love & Hip Hip: Atlanta - Kirk's fun is over

Scrappy can’t seem to keep straight. He failed his drug test and had to find ways to kick his drug habit, which led him into the office of a psychologist. The psychologist put everything into real terms for him: It’s either the drugs or his daughter.

During his outing with Traci and Shaun, Drew came off like her overprotective father. He went so far as to pull out a questionnaire that he wrote up, which revealed that Shaun did have a criminal past. Traci wasn’t thrilled at all about him lying, but Drew enjoyed every bit of it as the couple’s short-lived relationship ended right there. After that disaster, Drew sat down with Traci and told her that all he wanted to do was to see her happy, even though he realized he won’t be that guy to make her happy. It’s about time he threw in the towel because he was getting nowhere.

At Stevie J’s house his dad, Poppa J, tried to talk some sense into his son and told him it’s time to stop playing the field. The conversation of marriage was mainly between Joseline and Poppa J. Stevie didn’t have too much to say on the topic. Later on, Joseline took it upon herself to pay a visit to the jewelry store to look for an engagement ring for Stevie. Really, Joseline? You’re doing too much.

After Ariane’s failed audition, she still decided to keep going with her dreams and dropped the bomb that she’s interested in being with women. K Michelle was completely caught off guard with that one.

K. Michelle and her new BFF, Joseline, had another chat and they decided to go to Karlie Redd’s showcase. Joseline behaved herself before Karlie hit the stage, but talked up a lot of trash during her performance … and continued when Karlie asked for feedback on it. Better luck next time.

Mimi invited Rasheeda over to talk about Kirk’s childish ways and she vented about how badly she was hurt and embarrassed by her foul husband. The idea of separating from Kirk started to float around in her head and she decided to talk to a lawyer about her marriage.

Kirk got to tell his side of the story at Mimi’s house and he blamed his actions all on feeling neglected, but he kept the smile on his face and said “he did have fun.” I have to give a lot of credit to Mimi this episode for being the voice of reason for once.

Kirk decided to show up at his house to “patch things up” right as Rasheeda’s mother was leaving and her mom decided to help him patch things up … by running the motorcycle he made his grand entrance with clean over and drove off as it was in flames. Yes, momma.