'LAHHATL' Five Reasons Why Erica Should Marry Scrappy

If you've been keeping up with this season of "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" then you've seen the disastrous relationship between Scrappy, Mama Dee and Erica. Although Erica and Scrappy planned to get married last season, Mama Dee wasn't ready to give up her spot on the "throne" to Erica and did everything she could to sabotage her son's engagement.

After months of arguing, fighting and a few weeks jail time, Mama Dee successfully ruined Erica and Scrappy's engagement, much to the disappointment of the general public. For those of you still rooting for Scrappy and Erica to go through with their wedding, here are five reasons we think Erica should just go ahead and jump the broom with Scrappy:

  1. It would piss Momma Dee off. Erica would then be in the royal family and the idea of that would piss Momma Dee off even more.

  2. Shay wouldn't have much to say anymore and there would be no purpose for her on the show.

  3. She put that ring on consignment not just because she got more money for it, but also because she knew she wasn't ready to let go of Scrappy.

  4. After all that madness they've been through and even after she gave the ring up, he had the balls to finally apologize for everything and ask again.

  5. They know they're still in love with each other!

Bonus: We'd get a spin-off show! ... Just kidding.