Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta - Love Lost

Last night’s episode of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” started off by showing us how Kirk used his “free pass” with his two new lady friends.

Benzino, “The Love Doctor,” questioned him about whether or not what he did the night before was worth throwing his entire marriage away. Why didn’t he ask that question before Kirk started to get “turnt up” with those women? Benzino may need to take on another practice.

Ariane suggested to K. Michelle that she could be a backup singer for K. Michelle’s tour. At the auditions, Ariane didn’t do well, but warned everyone she was sick before she started. I don’t think her being sick had much to do with it. One of the judges took advantage of the fact that she was K. Michelle’s and ripped her a new one for her below average performance.

Joseline was steady on her mission to get Stevie to become her fiancé. She took him along to look at a new house for the both of them, but after it was all over Stevie told her to calm all of it down.

Mimi and Stevie met up, yet again. For a woman who likes to complain that she can’t stand him, she sure does give him more of her time than he should be getting. After Stevie failed to propose getting sexual favors in return for the things he bought her, she handed him the keys to the Benz right back and walked out.

Drew stopped by Traci’s apartment to apologize for the way he acted when they last saw each other. He admitted that he thought he would always have a chance with her. I guess he’s very clear on that now. He told Traci he would take her and Shaun out to dinner to get to know him more since he’ll be around their son. According to the previews for next week, that didn't go so well.
Then again, why would it?

At one of Traci’s events, she learned about Kirk’s good time at the cabin. One of Traci’s friends, who modeled at the event, turned out to be Bambi, one of Kirk’s “turnt up” partners. Traci brought Rasheeda up to speed about what she was told. When Rasheeda confronted Kirk about it, he acted less like a married man and more like an 18-year-old who didn’t have a care in the world. Rasheeda had no problem throwing a match to his clothes as he ran off.

We almost thought Momma Dee and Erica were going to throw their differences out the window in light of Scrappy going to jail. Those thoughts were a waste of time. They met up to talk about finances regarding Emani and when Momma Dee suggested having more of a hand in Emani’s upbringing while Scrappy was away, Erica nipped that in the bud. Erica decided to sell her engagement ring to take care of Emani on her own.

Scrappy was let out of jail on probation and Momma Dee threw a party for him. Erica decided to let Scrappy know about the ring before his mother started planting seeds in his head. That turned the whole party left. A hurt Scrappy was trying not to let that news ruin his night when Momma Dee decided to step in … and the familiar fists started flying. Erica’s mother was brought in the mix after “The Queen of the Throne” threw a drug-related insult her way. In the midst of it all, Erica went tumbling in her heels after Scrappy pushed her away trying to block her punch …

Did Erica end up calling the cops to the party? Could there be more trouble for Scrappy? …