Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta - Reunion Show Part 2

The second season of "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" came to a close last night with the second half of the reunion show.

Kirk and Rasheeda took the hot seat and he stood by his decision of telling Rasheeda she should have an abortion. For someone who has been married for over 10 years, he still found his cheating entirely too funny and didn’t seem sincere with any of his apologies.

Rasheeda called Benzino out saying he was “guilty by association” for being an influence the night Kirk had his rendezvous in the cabin. It was about time someone told him something. Benzino owned up to his part in it. Kirk should take a page out of Benzino’s book because he took the situation seriously. Divorce is still floating in the air for Kirk and Rasheeda.

It was a macho standoff between Stevie and Nikko. Nikko, who is now back together with Mimi, stuck to his story that the Rolex he gave her was real. Trying to top Nikko, Stevie threw a wad of money at him—which looked like nothing but a bunch of ones. Make sure you grab the right stack next time, Stevie. Mimi and Joseline, you’ve got to do better than these men.

The mystery of whether or not Joseline smashed the homies didn’t get solved, but Benzino was the one caught trying to smash the homies. He was in the hottest seat of the night as Mona Scott put him on blast for trying to talk to pretty much the whole female cast of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. Karlie Redd tried to stunt with the rest of the ladies until Benzino pulled out a text from her saying, “I thought you were coming to my dressing room.” Embarrassing much?

Momma Dee admitted that she went too far when she told Mingnon to “smoke a straight shooter,” but Mingnon was still not feeling her. Good job, Momma Dee. I wasn’t sure that you had it in you.

Scrappy hardly paid Shay any attention at all on the couch and said that he’s still texting and talking to Erica. It was evident that he wasn’t giving up on Erica anytime soon. However, in the midst of Erica airing out his dirty laundry, Scrappy took a huge shot at her. She denied it, but Scrappy said Erica had previously been messing with a married man and even got pregnant by this man. What?

K. Michelle made her grand exit and performed her single V.S.O.P. She won’t be returning to join the Atlanta cast next season and will instead be joining the New York cast.

Are we already ready for season 3?