R&B Divas: LA - Things fall apart

Last night on “R&B Divas: LA” Chante and Mo brought the others up to speed on the disaster that went down during rehearsal of the monologues. Chante felt like Kelly owed her an apology for the way she acted. Kelly sure does need to apologize for pulling out those boots and the Vaseline. Where did all of that come from?

Chante didn’t let it stress her because Kenny Latimore going through with filing for custody of their son was enough to deal with in itself. Despite their differences, she still decided to go to Kelly’s 40th birthday party and although the birthday girl didn’t think she should be there, everything went all good.

After the party, Lil’ Mo, Chante and Kelly met up to defog the air. Kelly said her pulling out the Timberlands and Vaseline was not directed at Chante and claimed they were only props. It was not at all convincing when she said that. You ain’t got to lie, Kelly. You ain’t got to lie.

Then Ms. Kelly Price dropped some news on them and copped out of the monologues claiming her schedule was too booked. She seems to have a habit of leaving the ladies in the dust. This is all from someone who said to trust her with wherever she takes them. You can’t trust everybody.

Dawn was still on a mission to have children. She went with her boyfriend, Chris, to speak with an adoption agency about their options, but decided to visit a holistic fertility clinic. She walked out of the office hopeful about being able to conceive.

After hearing about Kelly quitting, Dawn decided to drop out of the show as well. That’s when Lil’ Mo said she had enough of the cop outs and went off on Dawn telling her she was weak for quitting because someone else didn’t want to do it. Now, Mo, you didn’t have to go off like that.

The tension between this set of Divas is getting too thick to slice.