Tamar & Vince: Coins in the piggy bank

Last night on “Tamar & Vince,” the couple started getting ready for baby Logan’s arrival while in the midst of moving into their new home. Tamar was conscious of how many “coins” she was spending the whole way through …



Tamar felt that Vince really needed some help when it came to parenting—especially since he hadn't even seen The Lion King—so she brought him along to a birthing class. It looked like she was getting a kick out of his reactions in the beginning when he realized how wide the “punanny” dilated during child birth. Even after all of the visuals, Vince said he wanted to see it all in the delivery room, but Tamar wasn’t having it. She didn’t have much of a choice since he “owns the stadium” and didn’t need a “backstage pass.”



Tamar had the honor of presenting at Logo TV’s NewNowNext Awards and since both of her homes were in shambles and filled with boxes, she got ready at Toni’s house. She looked gorgeous in the dress she decided on and worked that red carpet.



Moving into a new house while pregnant and promoting an album was a task for Tamar, but the biggest task seemed to be figuring out what to do with her “kids” … her shoes. Terrell brought in a closet designer, Trish, to help with Tamar’s shoe tragedy and Tamar had an army of shoes in about four different closets. Trish dared to get Tamar to downsize on clothes and shoes, but Tamar wasn’t too fond of that idea.



They went over to the new house to see her new closet and it looked like another house in itself. Even with a closet so big, Trish told her all of her shoes were not going to fit unless she did a little remodeling, but “She” would have rather kept her coins in her piggy bank after already spending so much money on a new house.



Tamar and Vince later on sat down with interior designers to spruce their new home up. The pieces of furniture that she was shown were beautiful and almost took her spirit over. She tried to behave and not make a scene about the amount it was all going to cost, but when the designer mentioned things may be a little costly, “Frugal Fran” showed face and Vince called her out for acting like Trina (who Tamar called the “cheap sister”).



I’m with Tamar on this one. I like my coins.