R&B Divas: LA Reunion - What We All Wanted To Know

Last night part one of the “R&B Divas: LA” reunion aired and boy, did Wendy Williams dig into it. She asked all the questions that we were wondering this season from our living room couches (which we couldn’t quite find answers to on Google).

The ladies were all looking fabulous and flashy on the couch, all except for Dawn, who didn’t show up. Maybe the scrutiny of her actions and her personal life was too much for her to handle. Wendy and Lil’ Mo called her weak for it, which may have been a little harsh to talk about her while she wasn’t there. But, hey ...

Thanks to Wendy, we know that Michel’le was probably born with her speaking voice and how she mistook her marriage to Suge Knight for a real one. She apparently didn’t know that her “marriage” to Suge over the phone while he was in jail was not valid. The feds made sure to educate her when they came knocking.

We also detangled the relationships Claudette had with her former “City High” group members and it’s not as messy as you may have thought. Wendy also brought the word on the street that the reason for Chante’s divorce to Kenny was because he was gay. She gave a simple, “no,” and didn’t make any comments on his sexuality. Ten points to Chante for keeping it respectful and classy.

On this season of R&B Divas, we got to learn a lot about these 6 women right down to their deepest and darkest, but what we didn’t know was that most of them had something else in common: Men who are so far behind on child support payments. Miss Wendy really dug into some mess, but what else would we have expected?

The biggest thing that was (sort of) cleared up last night was the drama behind those monologues, which this season revolved around. Apparently, the idea wasn’t even Kelly’s. Although she denied it, the Divas said it was the producers and managers'—the “Wizards” who were mentioned by the Atlanta cast—idea for Chante and Kelly to spearhead the project and pitch it to the rest of the ladies. Chante’s main issue with Kelly was her reaction after she hired someone for a project that they shared, poor Fred. It’s obvious that Kelly is a bit of a control freak.

Fred gets to give us his side of the story when the Divas return to the couch.

We still have the second half of the reunion to go, but I have to commend the ladies on being on a reality show without even attempting to throw a fist in someone else's direction!