Tamar & Vince: It's time to go on the road

Last night on the premier of the second season of “Tamar & Vince,” Tamar invited us to witness the new chapter of their “fairy tale” life.

Tamar & Vince and their team started to get to work on her promotional tour for her new album, “Love and War.” She was ready for it, but she wasn’t prepared to have to tote around a big ole belly with her and have to work at hiding it. Tamar & Vince promised each other that they wouldn’t aggravate each other on tour, but a pregnant Tamar? I don’t know about that one. On top of that Lashawn Daniels (music producer and friend) and Terrell(her creative director) are apparently like two half-siblings who can’t stand each other. That tour bus is going to be an experience.

They got to work and headed to New York for meetings and met up with Tamar’s dad for dinner while they were there. Tamar told him that her mom, Evelyn, was moving into their house temporarily to help when the baby was born. That was a red flag for a married Daddy Braxton to stay somewhere for a month or more with his ex-wife. While Daddy Braxton mulled that over, Tamar & Vince made their way to Chicago for the first day of the tour.

The night of the show Tamar went into “freak out mode” trying to figure out how she was going to hide her “love on top” while performing her single “The One” for the first time. She, of course, had a great show anyway.

Later on the tour bus, Vince checked Tamar about her nerves and letting them drive her team crazy. He gave her a small sermon about believing in herself and she actually sat there and took it in. Aren't they cute?