Blood, Sweat & Heels - Trying to find the way

Last night on the new reality series, "Blood, Sweat and Heels," doubts about their choices and feelings of betrayal began to form into grey clouds looming over the ladies’ heads as each of them dealt with the obstacles of achieving their personal and career goals.

In trying to leave her “video vixen” identity in the past to turn a new leaf as a realtor, Melyssa Ford was having a hard time adjusting to her new life and the intense work and budget restrictions it demanded. After spending $1,500 that was outside of her budget, her business manager had some words for her. He tried to get her to grasp the fact that since making a career change the money isn’t coming as fast as it used to anymore. He gave her two choices: Cut back on excessive spending or accept the entertainment appearances she had been constantly turning down. However, accepting those appearances associated with her “video vixen” title was not an option for her. It’s a good sign that Melyssa isn’t even giving into temptation from her business manager. I’m rooting for her!

Needing to relax after a stressful day at work, she called up Mica Huges, who owns a successful modeling agency, to unwind over some wine. The difficulties she was having on her new journey left her with doubts on whether or not she made the right career move in real estate.

Apparently Mica loves her some wine. Before Melyssa showed up, she was trying to share a glass with her pet chinchilla, Rocky—named after Barack Obama. Um, I’m not too sure if ASPCA would approve of tipsy chinchillas.

Geneva Thomas, a fashion and entertainment writer and brand consultant, is also worried about her life and career, but not nearly as much as her mother is. They had a chat and her mother, who is also a practicing sex therapist, is not just worried about the lack of cash flow her daughter has rolling in. She’s also concerned about the lack of pleasure Geneva is getting as a single woman. Wow. That is more that I would ever want to hear from my mother.

"Blood, Sweat and Heels"
is only two episodes into its first season, but there is already tension among the ladies of the show. Brooklyn blogger and author, Demetria Lucas, is in hot water after blogging about a conversation on relationships they all had at the Brooklyn Brunch Series—an event held by her fellow cast member and style expert, Daisy Lewellyn. Demetria may not have painted her friends in much of a positive light and they refused to keep their mouths closed about it.

Mica decided to invite everyone to a dinner party to discuss their issues with her blog piece.

Sidebar: Is it me, or does Mica always treat her boyfriend, Terry, like hired help? Never mind, it can’t just be me. Let’s continue.

Before the appetizers even hit the table, the attack on Demetria began. Brie Bythewood, a real estate partner, didn’t agree with the way her friends approached the situation. It may have turned out better if they had done like her and spoke to Demetria one-on-one. Demetria showed no compassion for their feelings. Half of it may have had to do with a defense mechanism kicking in when Daisy, Geneva and Mica were going at her neck. The other half may have had to do with her just not giving a damn.

Eventually, Demetria excused herself from the dinner party and got out of the way of the firing squad.

Will they be able to fix their friendships?

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