SWV Reunited: Let's get this show back on the road

When anyone speaks of R&B music in the '90s, the female group SWV is almost always a part of the conversation. Lelee, Coko and Taj were killing things back then. SWV was on top selling 15 million albums and topping the charts with their hit records. However, when their relationship with each other went south, so did their careers. After the group broke up in 1998, they each saw hard times. Things got better between the old friends some years later when they started talking again and decided to get back together. They released their latest album, I Missed Us, in 2012 and were nominated for a Grammy last year.

Now, they’re taking us on the journey of their comeback with their reality show, "SWV Reunited". Last night on the premier of their show, the ladies got ready to go back on tour after so many years and they kicked things off in a big way. Their first show was at the Wembley Arena in London.

The days leading up to the show they spent rehearsing and spending as much time with their families as they could. Before Coko left her family in Virginia, she spoke with her husband, Big Mike, about going on tour while having to worry about her health. She found out that there may be a chance she could have breast cancer, but kept her health scare from the girls because she wanted to be sure before saying anything.

Before heading off for their tour, the ladies met in Nashville for more rehearsal with their manager, Cory Taylor, who was a close friend of Coko’s. If that rehearsal was a reflection the tour, then the girls were going to be in trouble. Taj didn’t seem to be taking the rehearsal as serious as she needed to, which didn’t help the nerves of her group mates, especially since this was their come back. It was make or break for SWV. It was looking like their dance moves and vocals weren’t the only things they needed to get together.

At the end of rehearsal when they asked Cory what interviews they were doing in London, he could only remember one. What? Come on Cory, you can’t expect an artist to believe you have their back if you can’t even remember their interview schedule. Frustrated by how unprepared he was, Taj and Lelee stepped out of the room. Taj took the moment to mention to Lelee that she spoke with Jeff Robinson—most known for managing Alicia Keys—and he was interested in managing them. Lelee agreed that they should sit down with Jeff and discuss some things. All they had to do was bring Coko on board.

When they got to London there was no time for play after stepping off the plane. They got straighr down to business with their promotional appearances, which Cory finally got together. During a live radio interview, they were asked to sing something acapella. Not only did Taj mess up a few times, she laughed the whole way through. She felt embarrassed after the interview was over and it only made her even more nervous for Wembley Arena.

The day of the show came and SWV stepped out on stage to a sold out arena. Friends Tyson Beckford and fellow '90s R&B singers, Changing Faces, were there to show their support. Taj kept her cool, the groups kicked their nerves to the curb and they delivered an amazing show. The love they received from their fans in the audience was the energy they needed to gain confidence in the moves they were making.

After the show, Cory (aka Debbie Downer), didn’t have a lot of positive words for them. Instead, there was a bunch of criticism and horrible advice. I’m not sure if managing artists is the right career choice for Cory. Apparently, that’s not the only thing he’s bad at.

While they were still in Nahsville having rehearsals for London, Coko confided in Cory about her health issues. Not only did she have to worry about her life, she had to worry about how it would affect the group if her results came back positive for breast cancer. Cory obviously was not the best person to share her personal business with because after they stepped off stage in London he took it upon himself to tell Taj and Lelee. Not only did he tell Coko’s business, they hadn’t even left the arena before he started blabbing.

Taj and Lelee were hurt that after being friends since they were nine, she was able to tell Cory something so big, but not her girls.

When Coko got back to VA, she went in to have her biopsy done. The thought of possibly losing her life to breast cancer and not being able to grow old with her husband or see her kids grow was something she’d never thought she would have to deal with. A few days later, while rehearsing with SWV, she got a call from the doctors about her biopsy results …

Next week we’ll find out if Coko's life will change.

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