SWV Reunited - Sisters with secret surgeries

Last night on “SWV Reunited,” things got a little strange after Coko’s received the good news on her health.

Coko got the news from her doctor that the lump they found in her breast was not cancerous. It must’ve felt like she had a new lease on life because she celebrated in a strange way. A week later, Coko was on the couch recovering from a tummy tuck and liposuction. Her secret surgery partner, Lelee, followed suit and went in for a Brazilian butt lift. This was all (wait for it) … a week before their national comeback tour was to start in their hometown, NYC. The "Tuck N'Lift Twins" kept their surgeries from Cory and Taj until they showed up for rehearsal.

Already late, Coko and LeLee strolled into rehearsal looking like they’d been hit by a bus. Rightfully, Taj was livid when she found out what they had done. With Lelee not be able to sit down and Coko not able stand up, rehearsal didn’t even happen. How they were going to pull off their show at SOBs was a good question. I mean, Lelee’s butt did look good, but what were they thinking? They paid for it with all the pain they endured on their trip to New York.

The mission to find Lelee a man was underway. When SWV got to NYC, Taj set her up on a date with radio personality, Charlamagne. Boy, did Lelee’s crazy self have a match set up for her with Charlamagne’s personality. The fact that she walked around with a pink and white pillow for her healing cheeks the entire evening made the date even more entertaining. I have to give Charlamagne points for being a gentleman and carrying that pillow around NYC.

Before their first hometown show at SOBs, SWV had their meeting with Jeff Robinson about whether or not he would be their manager. They decided to work with Jeff, but pitched the idea to him about working with Cory as a road manager. Lelee thought it was her booty upgrade that gave them good luck, but it sounded to me like that booty luck may have gotten them into a messy situation. Jeff agreed to work with Cory, but would Cory take the demotion lightly?

The night of the SOBs show, Coko’s pain was so unbearable that she looked as if she was near death on that stage. Although her stomach felt like it was going fall out on the stage, she hit a hell of a high note at the end of performing “Weak” and they pulled the show off.

After the performance, Cory went to see them backstage to congratulate them on a good show. It was awkward for SWV to sit there and act like everything was okay, so they decided to break the news that Jeff Robinson was their new manager. Cory was not trying to hear that they wanted him only as their road manager. However, why would they want to keep a manager who constantly reminded them that “nobody wanted to sign SWV”?

Even though Coko’s friendship with Cory might be bruised, moving on from Cory seemed to be the best idea.

Let’s see where Jeff Robinson takes these ladies.

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