Blood, Sweat & Heels - Too much wine for Mica

On this week’s episode of “Blood Sweat & Heels,” Daisy had a swap party at her place with Melyssa and Mica. They each brought over clothing and accessories they no longer wore to see if the other person would want to add it to their closet—for free 99. Hm, I like the idea of a swap party. Daisy did well with that one.

With some wine all up in the mix (in the middle of the afternoon), the ladies got on the topic of their “daddy stuff”. The conversation got Mica emotional because she had been dealing with the poor health of her father. Even as an adult, she still wanted her father to show her love, but he was always emotionally abusive so their relationship was never good. Melyssa, who never got to say goodbye to her father before he passed away, told Mica that she doesn’t want to pass up that chance to say goodbye, even if he doesn’t want to hear it.

On her way to D.C. to see her father in the hospital, her nerves started kicking in the closer she got to the hospital. It could have possibly been the last time she saw him. To relax, she and Terry made a pit stop on their trip for a glass of wine. Mica’s hospital visit didn’t go well. Even in his last hours her father was still cold toward. Mica felt like there was no point in her going back the next day after that so decided not to be there for his final moments. She didn’t leave with the closure or the apology she wanted for the way he treated her during her entire life, but I got the sense that her healing process would start soon after she made that decision.

In Daisy’s busy world things were getting a bit too hectic so she went on the hunt for a new assistant. That woman is particular about her business and needed to find the right person because she had no problem firing someone who wasn’t up to par. She gave her last assistant the boot for wearing a pink bandana to work one day. (Homegirl fired back by writing a nasty blog about her. Yikes!) Hopefully, the new assistant she hired, Lauren, works out.

Daisy gave Lauren a trial run by having her help out with one of her makeover projects. Strike one came when she didn’t show up prepared with the proper images Daisy needed. However, after Daisy had a talk with her new assistant about doing things right so she’d never room for failure she came correct next time. During the shoot Lauren was on her toes. Daisy’s makeover went well and her model looked amazing after Daisy was done with her.

Since Demetria and Geneva put their differences aside, they were able to hang out and talk like they used to; as friends. They reflected on how embarrassing Mica and Melyssa were at Geneva’s event and how Mica always seems to be drunk more than she is sober.

Even though Mica had a lot on her mind, she still decided to head to the Hamptons for Memorial Day weekend with Geneva, Brie, Demetria and Greg. Of course, on the way she had to make a pit stop at the liquor store. Then when she got closer, she made another stop at her cousin’s house in Bridgehampton for some more wine. I think Geneva and Demetria were right to worry about Mica’s drinking.

In the Hamptons everyone waited for Mica’s arrival. The look on everyone’s faces showed that they almost wished her and her drunken behavior weren’t invited, especially since it was Brie’s parents’ house.

From the looks of the previews of next week’s episode they had a right to be a little dreadful of her arrival.

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