SWV Reunited - Breaking down walls

Last night on “SWV Reunited,” the group took a huge step toward working on their trust issues. Coko had the most work to do.


Jeff was already coming through in big ways as their new manager and set up an interview with Ebony magazine for SWV.


During the interview, Coko revealed that she hadn’t spoken to or seen her 17-year-old son in months because their relationship wasn’t how it should be. She felt like he hated her. After she came back from London her son left and since then she didn’t know anything about his whereabouts. For Lelee and Taj, who is also his godmother, it was the first time they’d heard anything about that.


That news lead the conversation to the reason behind their breakup. With all the miscommunication and trust issues going on it was hard for them to function as a female group and as friends. Coko wasn’t helping as she constantly kept important things to herself. She wasn’t done reveling things either. During the interview she mentioned she was still working on a solo album as a solo artist.


After leaving Ebony they let her know how they felt about everything. They were concerned that Coko wouldn’t be able to focus on their comeback while working on her solo career, but she felt she had a handle on doing both. No one could tell her different.


Getting the most out of their time in NYC, Jeff kept the meetings rolling out and set them up with one at Sony. After their disagreement following the Ebony interview, Coko showed up late, but Sony seemed to have SWV’s back and was ready to make their comeback happen the way it should. Their last album, “I Missed Us,” only sold 60,000 units. Sony was committed to take them back to the days where they were selling millions of units. Hopes were high when they walked out of the room, but they still had things to settle among themselves.


When Jeff asked Coko why she was so late, she shot back with, “Because I wanted to be.” For Jeff to go through the trouble of setting up a meeting of that magnitude and Coko to be disrespectful was not okay. Is her diva side showing too much face?


Coko continues with the moves she was making for her gospel album and met with producer/writer R’Celious to hear something he wrote for her solo project. She wasn’t letting SWV interfere with her plans. Jeff saw the strains of the ladies’ relationship and brought them together with a musician therapist to help them lay everything out on the table. If they were starting a new journey together, they wouldn’t go far if they were carrying old baggage. This was the first time anyone had done something like this for them.


Lelee opened up and said she wanted Coko and Taj to fix their issues because she was over being in the middle if it all. Taj never knew why there was so much tension between the two of them. Coko let her know that she’s had a wall up with her since 1992 when she found out Taj was running and telling their manager at the time everything she was doing on tour at the time. She felt that she simply never had her back, the way she had Lelee’s. Management had been in her ear telling her things that divided them. However, the wall she had up wasn’t just with Taj and Leelee, it was with everyone. She felt as if no one cared about her before they knew her as Coko, but when she gained fame with SWV everyone came out of the woodworks—including her own father, who was barely around when she was growing up.


The conversation opened up enough to allow them to let all of their tears and feelings out in a comfortable environment—with a camera rolling. The session was a relief for the three of them and ended in warm embraces. That therapy session must’ve inspired Coko to fix more relationships in her life because she showed up at Cory’s hotel room to talk things out.


Although she kept telling him SWV appreciated everything he had done for them, he kept rattling off everything he’s done for the group. SWV just needed someone who would take them further and Corey had done all he could do. However, still trying to get him to stay on board as their road manager, Coko convinced him to sit in on a meeting with Jeff.


It could have gone either way in that room with Corey and Jeff and I’m sure the ladies may have been a little apprehensive about the outcome, especially since their last encounter didn’t end well. Luckily, they agreed to work with together to push SWV in the right direction. Time to get that work!


Their first shift was performing at the Gig It event. It was the first time they had performed in front of Jeff Robinson and they had the opportunity to share the stage with artists they admired. Some of those people included Elle Varner, 2 Chains and Miguel. Before they stepped on stage they were announced as legends. It felt so good for them to be recognized as such after feeling so unappreciated for what they’ve done for R&B music. Talking to each other about things finally allowed them to truly enjoy being on stage together as sisters and helped them kill their performance.


Their last night in NYC fell on Taj’s birthday. Her husband, Eddie, had some business to take care of in NYC so he was able to be there. Taj was surprised when she walked onto a boat and entered a room full of her friends and family. Coko and Lelee sang their SWV version of the birthday song to her and it was clear that their relationship was starting to turn a new leaf. Everyone on the boat let loose and celebrated Taj, but the happiness didn’t last too long when her husband broke the news that they may have to move back to NYC.


What would moving from Nashville to NYC mean for Taj’s family and SWV?

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