Real Housewives of Atlanta - Let the games ... end?

Last night on “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” it was the same ‘ol story. Nene was still upset about the stunt Kenya pulled at the charity event she held in Nene’s honor.


Cynthia didn’t agree with what the way Nene acted when she showed up to the event, but she also didn’t agree with Peter confronting Nene himself. Cynthia and Peter got into it because she felt like, as a man, he should have let her be the one to talk to Nene. Even though they weren’t seeing eye-to-eye, she still threw Peter a Jamaican-themed surprise birthday party. Everyone came to celebrate another year of Peter’s life, including Marlo, Kenya and Nene—who didn’t know Marlo and Kenya had become such buddies. Kenya, still trying hard to make things right with her, finally apologized to Nene for her role in what went down at the couples’ event. Then continued sucking up to make sure things were okay between them. Why is she trying so hard?


Nene didn’t stick around for too long. It looked like the scene of Marlo and Kenya was making her stomach curl.


Porsha had Nene over to talk about a few things. She was happy she got the role in Kandi’s production, but playing a character with an abusive husband was too close to home for Porsha. She wasn’t sure she wanted to dig that deep to pull up those emotions for her character. Nene was still complaining about Kenya and her charity event. When is she going to get over that? She also let Porsha know how she felt about Marlo becoming Kenya’s new friend and went as far as to call Marlo an “opportunist”. Salty much, Nene? Looks like this cast is full of “opportunists".


Miss Kenya wasn’t done kissing up yet. She invited her friend, Miss Lawrence, over to talk about inviting everyone on a trip to Mexico to make up for the fail of couples night. Just incase anything went down (again), she asked Lawrence to accompany her on the trip. Kenya’s trying to get someone else’s ribs bruised.


The day of Cynthia’s first annual Bailey Bowl rolled around, but what was supposed to be a day of fitness fun eventually turned into a day of fighting. The teams showed up and Kandi’s made a grand entrance with her team that was literally qualified for the Olympics. She wasn’t playing about being competitive. Marlo showed up ready to get the games going … for Kenya’s team. That was probably the last straw for Nene. Should Nene really be mad? It’s not like she invited Marlo to be on her team. Not being asked to be on Nene’s team bothered Marlo enough for her to mention it more than once. Nene started to act like Marlo didn’t exist so Kenya tried, once again to fix the situation, and things went way south.


Nene pushed Kenya’s hand away calling her out her name and that’s when Marlo got riled up and told Nene about herself. Nene (and her team) walked away from the fight.


That’s a shame. The Bailey Bowl only lasted two games. How exactly is this trip to Mexico supposed to happen if no one can act right?

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