Blood, Sweat & Heels - Looking for the sisterhood

This week on “Blood, Sweat & Heels,” Mica’s mom, Evon, visited New York to see how her baby girl was holding up and to do as moms do and pry into her daughter’s love life.


Evon wondered when Mica and Terry were going to finally tie the not. Mica never told her mom about the 20-year relationship he was in when he met her. For Terry’s safety, that was probably the best idea. However, Evon had taken a walk with Terry and he revealed to her that he was with in a relationship with another woman when he started dealing with Mica. It came as a shock to her, but she was glad she didn’t know that from the beginning. Evon suggested that they become open to the option of going to counseling to talk their problems out and clear the air for them to take the next step in their relationship. Mica and Terry both agreed that bringing in a third party to help them sort things out would be a good idea.


We finally got to see Melyssa at work again, but she still wasn’t close to closing any deals. The real estate industry wasn’t taking it easy on her. Melyssa had Demetria come by her job so they could talk about the book club Melyssa holds to help mentor a few kids. Aside from being a successful blogger, Demetria is also a successful African-American author so Melyssa thought it would be a great idea for her to come speak to the kids in her book club.


In conversation with the kids in the book club, they were surprised to see how together those kids were. A few of them had been bullied and were being made fun of in school, but they didn’t let what anyone had to say to them make it to their ears. Ironically, Demetria and Melyssa felt like they were the ones being mentored by the kids.


Daisy’s mother also came to town also for another event she was having for her book’s digital re-launch. Now, we see why Daisy is always is trying to solve someone else’s issues, her mother is a psychotherapist. It all makes sense.


Daisy threw her event at the Tracy Reese store. Once again, it was another beautiful event—but I wouldn’t expect anything less from Daisy. Melyssa stood up and dedicated a beautiful speech about sisterhood to her. Some of the “Louds” and the “Prouds” who were there didn’t seem to take anything away from Melyssa’s speech. The wake for Mica’s father was to be the following day, so Terry went over to Brie and tried to fix the relationship between her and Mica. It didn’t go exactly the way he expected it. Somehow, it ended with Geneva and Mica in each other’s faces in the middle of the event. Geneva left before things escalated any more, however, Mica and Brie did hug before leaving the party. Better than nothing.


Demetria also had a reason to celebrate. It was the 7th anniversary of her blog, “A Belle in Brooklyn”. She held an event in celebration, but decided not to invite Daisy and Mica. Daisy invited herself anyway hoping to talk to Demetria and get to the bottom of what they were feuding for.


One thing she wanted to promote at her event was “sisterhood,” which was ironic because of the way her face screwed up when Daisy walked through the door with Melyssa.


Next week we’ll find out if they were able to fix things between them.


Is Demetria being to hard on Mica and Daisy?

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