Mary Mary - Back to business

Last night, the third season of “Mary Mary” premiered. After the second season of the show came to a close, Mary Mary decided they needed a break. In that time there was a lot going on at home as Tina was dealing with finding out her husband had been unfaithful while Mary Mary was been on the road. Erica had been busy using the time to work on her solo career. Now, the break was over!

After 3 months they were ready to come back together and get to work. The first order of things was to meet with their manager, Mitchell, and see what their next moves were. They didn’t want to discuss anything personal with him and were ready to plainly get back to business. Mitch was already off to a bad start.

They were two weeks away from performing in Africa … or so they thought. Mitch informed them that Africa fell through because they never gave in their deposit. Tina got upset because they put their time and money in yet another gig that Mitch messed up on. They were through with the way he was mishandling their business. Erica and Tina decided to try and address all of the issues they’ve in the past with Mitch before they started festering so that they can move forward. It turned into a heated argument between Tina and Mitch, Erica put the words to a halt before things got out of control and said they should all take some time to breathe and try to conversation again.

Mitch didn’t know where any of her anger was coming from, but Tina’s personal issues may have had something to do with it. Nonetheless, if Mitch didn’t get his act right, then he wouldn’t have anything to do with Mary Mary anymore. One thing he did get right was starting their business off with a photo shoot for the cover of Ebony magazine and headlining the “Las Vegas Soul Festival”.

Even though Mary Mary was back in action, Erica was still going to keep working on her solo career. She needed to work out the details, including the details of who she wanted on her team. Erica did not want Mitch in the equation. He wasn’t doing a great job with Mary Mary’s business, so she wasn’t about to let him put a hand on hers. She sat with Mitch to make him aware of her decision and he was confused. A few month before she had asked him to come on board as her manager and now she was saying something different. She wasn’t exactly clear, like her husband, Warryn, said she should be, because she didn’t have the guts to give him the boot. Things were still blurry on where Mitch stood in Erica’s “Erica Campbell” career, but Mary Mary had business to handle.

Being on the cover of Ebony for the first time was monumental for them and they were in high spirits the photo shoot. There was a bit of a wardrobe malfunction and Erica needed something from home. Mitch had to call Goo Goo, Erica and Tina’s sister/stylist, to save the day … for a shoot that she wasn’t even hired for. She was sure to make him aware of that when she got to him with the garments.

After the shoot, they did their interviews separately. Tina decided to be open about the infidelity and how she was working through her marriage after forgiving her husband. Publicly talking about it had made the situation with her husband, Teddy, real for her, but she was working on that situation.

The sisters and their husbands got to Vegas a day early to have a day of release and quality time. They all went race car driving and enjoyed themselves. Hopefully, this was one of the steps that would help Tina and Teddy get back to happy.

Preparing for the show in Las Vegas was a little rough because they didn’t have their sister, Goo Goo with them. She was busy 4 miles away from them in Vegas styling a client. Tina called her up a little upset that she wasn’t coming to check on them before they went on stage. Goo Goo wasn’t about to leave a paying client to go see her sisters when they never even called her to ask her to be there ahead of time.

The show looked like it was going to be a little rocky. Tina went to watch her husband perform on the same stage before they went on and the sound was horrible. They didn’t want their first show back to be a disaster. But when they got on stage the sound was great and Tina realized how therapeutic it was for her every time she got on stage to sing with her sister.

Before Warryn and Erica pulled off after the show that night, Mitch stopped them to finally get a clear answer on whether or not he was managing her solo career. Mitch was upset that no one kept him in the loop of things and when Erica confirmed that he was not going to be her manager, Mitch walked away not looking too happy …

Mitch is trying to keep all the coins for himself!

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