Scandal - Skeletons falling out the closet

It felt like we were waiting forever and a day, but “Scandal” was back on our eager TV screens last night. My emotions were all over the place last night.

Olivia and Fitz didn’t waste any time in last night’s episode. Mellie walked in on them in the Oval Office locking lips within the first two minutes of the premiere. She has herself to blame for that. If you remember, Mellie was the one who persuaded Liv to be a part of his campaign team again. You know, I’m not entirely sure who the side chick is anymore. Has Mellie now completely sacrificed her marriage for the White House? Maybe it was a good thing for Liv to be back on the team because they ended up with another “Sally Langston Problem”.

Sally decided that since she had all the cards in her hands (even after she murdered her husband) she would not resign as VP and also announced she was turning her back on the president to run as a 3rd party candidate, throwing Fitz under the bus. I’m pretty sure Cyrus wanted to kick himself where it would hurt for covering up the murder of her husband. However, Sally may be playing with the Devil. I wouldn’t put it past Cyrus to actually go all the way through with risking his marriage to keep Fitz in the White House.

This drove Fitz to drink … again. Against the advice of Mellie, Liv and Cyrus, he chose an old friend, Governor Andrew Nicholls, as his new running mate. As a straight and unmarried white man, this went far from the diversity his team knew he needed to help win the election. Liv was forced to get Pope & Associates to make sure his background was clean and the he would be ready for the attack of the voters. He wasn’t exactly all clean. Apparently, Mellie had been having her own affair? That was bound to come to light at some point. I wonder what else Pope & Associates missed about this new VP candidate.

The “Sally Langston Problem” also needed to be fixed and Liv, as usual, was ready to do the fixing. Liv let Cyrus know that she was going to dig up Sally’s dirt and find out what was being hidden about her husband’s death. Cyrus was looking a little worried. A worried Cyrus is never a good thing. Liv wasn’t the only one looking for answers behind Daniel Douglas’ death.

When James went to him with his suspicions that his husband was involved in Daniel Douglas’ death, David Rosen didn’t want to hear a word of it. The last time he took a tip from James he ended up as a substitute teacher. This time around it was David running to James for his help and sharing with him a recording of Sally’s confession. By then, James left David’s office uninterested … until he had a change of heart.

James returned to David’s office days later and admitted to being “Publius”—the person who had been anonymously texting a White House reporter suggesting that Daniel Douglas’ death needed looking into. He was ready to take his monster of a husband down. Did James sign his death sentence by taking on this new identity? Seeing as how Sally’s campaign manager reached out to Papa Pope to talk about the “Publius” problem, I’d say so.


Huck and Abby paid a visit to a woman who was involved in Daniel’s autopsy, but she gave them false information. Quinn and Charlie were in the other room holding her young son hostage to keep her from telling the truth. What’s going on here? I thought Quinn was done playing Huck’s insider. Why is she still buying torture products with Charlie? I mean, she isn’t B-613 anymore. As the new command of B-613, Jake made that clear.

Liv went to see how her father was doing after being removed from his position. Something tells me she should leave that man alone. Daddy or not. She tried to comfort him, but the way he went off on her had her looking at him like he was the Boogie Man in the closet that all little girls are afraid of. I mean, dude told her to “start grieving now” for Fitz. Liv, you better do like your daddy said and run, girl. Papa Pope is a ticking atomic bomb.

Things were getting a little hot for Liv. Sally’s campaign manager put it back in the media’s head that Liv was the one Fitz had been having an affair with. To kill those “rumors,” Mellie set up a lunch date with Olivia so that media outlets would catch them smiling and chatting over a couple glasses of wine. Mellie knows how to play the cards. It was working exactly how she wanted it to. Over the table she handed Olivia a list of eligible bachelors and told her to pick one. Mellie told Olivia that the public needed to see that she was not on the president’s mind. After all, they both wanted to keep him in the White House. They both had to do the work.

Meanwhile, Harrison was running around fearful for his life. He was unsuccessful in keeping his thing that goes bump in the night, Adnan Salif out of the country. Well, it turns out that Adnan Salif is actually his Boogie Woman, but based on what they started doing on the desk when she showed up at the office you would never think so. I could have sworn Harrison had a gun pointed at her few a minute before their clothes started falling off.

My heart can’t take this. I’m heading over to Olivia Pope’s apartment for a bottle of wine.

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