The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Porsha's business is everyone's business

Last night on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” everyone began stuffing their suitcases to make their ways to Mexico for a group trip planned by Kenya. I’m not sure why Nene decided to go when she was the one who disliked Kenya the most.

Before Kenya left for Mexico, she stopped by Marlo’s place to check on her after the mess that went down at the Bailey Bowl. She revealed to Kenya that before the Bailey Bow, Nene called her on three-way with Cynthia to cuss her out about being friends with Kenya. Marlo was still trying to figure out where Nene’s anger was stemming from and she believed the root of it was Nene losing her job on The New Normal since its cancellation.

Maybe Nene joining everyone in Mexico was a good idea. Homegirl needs to mellow out a bit.

Everyone, except Phaedra and Apollo arrived in Mexico together and got the party started by popping a few bottles in the stretch limo ride from the airport. Apparently, Peter thought that was the perfect place and time to bring up Porsha and her soon-to-be ex-husband’s business.

Prior to hopping on the plane for the Mexican getaway, Peter went to go see Porsha’s husband, Kordell, since he hadn’t seen or heard from him in a while. Kordell explained his side of the story regarding what made their marriage fall apart. It was Porsha’s family. He got sick of them—especially Porsha’s mother—feeling like they were also in their marriage. Kordell also said she was lying about being blind-sighted about him wanting a divorce.

In the limo, Peter brought this all up and felt that he also needed to ask Porsha for her side of the story again. When is Peter going to leave this catty behavior alone and mind his business?

When they made it to the hotel, Kenya gave them a nice welcoming that included a Mariachi band. Once again, she was kissing up to Nene and booked her a presidential suite for the couple’s night debacle. She called it “killing her with kindness,” but it looked like clear ass-kissing to me. Who are you trying to fool, Kenya?

At the welcome dinner, Kenya decided to mix up the seating arrangements to get everyone to interact. Surprisingly (or should I say, thankfully), everyone took well to the idea and the musical chairs seating arrangement. A little while later, Phaedra showed up with Apollo. Seeing her show up with him was a bit unexpected because she was having doubts about bringing Apollo after how touchy-feely Kenya and Apollo got last year. Kenya better watch herself.

Before dinner started, once again, Porsha’s marriage became the topic of discussion after Greg opened his mouth up with his opinion. For some reason a few other around the table felt they needed to give Porsha their opinion on her marriage with Kordell … at the dinner table. Of course, Peter put his 2 cents in her change purse once again. What surprised me was Porsha’s effort to explain herself to those people. Porsha, none of that was any of their business and that conversation should have been shut down when it started.

These people are something else …

Let’s just hope neither Apollo nor Kenya had to get snatched up on that trip. The previews for next week’s episode already showed cause for some snatching.

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