Blood, Sweat & Heels - Season Finale

On the season finale of “Blood, Sweat & Heels,” Demetria’s “betterment boat ride” didn’t exactly have the result that she wanted.

Even though Geneva had doubts, her mother encouraged her to stop being stubborn and join the rest of the ladies on the boat ride.

Demetria came to the realization that her writing career caused her to lose a lot of friends. So, it was important to her to try and salvage the friendships she had with the rest of her cast members. On the boat, she opened up the conversation of their conflicts over dinner and started with Mica. Of course, no one was giving up any sympathy for Mica’s breakdown in the Hamptons. Brie took a hard shot and gave Mica her opinion of her as a “sloppy drunk”. It didn’t feel like they went there to resolve all conflicts. It felt like they went there so Demetria, Geneva and Brie could call Mica an alcoholic … again. If you’re trying to help, that was not the way to go about it.

Feeling attacked, Mica had to step away from the conversation and have a moment to herself. Mica did break down and give Brie an apology for her behavior, but she got nothing in return. She felt alone in that 3 against 1 situation when Daisy and Melyssa didn’t quite come to her aid. When will “The Prouds” stop being so proud and accept the fact that they were overly judgmental (and childish) that day in the Hamptons?

Daisy and Melyssa checked on Mica, who had decided she wanted to go home, and apologized after she told them she felt like she was by herself against “The Prouds”. They convinced her to stay and she joined them on the upper deck to watch a display of fireworks over the NYC skyline.

Individually the ladies were doing great for themselves. Mica was back to work with her modeling agency and her models were doing well. Melyssa was sticking to her career in real estate and hustling harder after her talk with her boss. Brie was steadily raising money for various causes. Demetria was beginning to focus on her second book, “Don’t Waste Your Pretty.” Daisy was doing promo for the digital re-launch of her book. Geneva was settling into her new position and she finally got some “cutty”. Collectively, they weren’t doing so well at getting along and even though there was still a clear division of the group as they stood on the upper deck watching the fireworks, there was still belief in all of the ladies that they’ll be able to settle their differences in the future.

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