Scandal - R.I.P.

After the way last week’s episode of “Scandal” ended, we were probably all on edge wondering whose life was going to be mourned. Would Jake silence David and keep him from always trying to bring someone to justice? Would he silence James and keep him from meddling for the sake of the country’s faith in the government?

Well, James was apparently more of a liability to B-613. So, Jake took out him, however, not as clean as how he killed the reporter and NSA worker who were also there to make it look like James died in the process of a carjacking. He let David walk away, but in order for him to make sure he stayed alive he had to make sure that someone else took the fall for James’ murder. We all know David takes his job seriously, would he be able to let someone else go to jail for a murder they did not commit?

Cyrus was served the worst sentence for playing on the side of evil for so long. He had to live with the death of his husband. Something his evil ways (and James’ sloppy work) resulted in. Throughout the entire episode Cyrus had continuous flashbacks of moments with his husband. It turned him into a bit of a mad man. In order to not deal with it all he went into overdrive with work even after Fitz and Olivia suggested that he took a few days off. I wasn’t the least bit surprised when Cyrus even suggested they capitalize off James’ death in efforts to help Fitz gain the lead in the election by proposing he switch sides and speak out in favor of gun control. I don’t know if that was grief or another one of his selfish decisions.

During a conference to announce James’ death, Olivia noticed the empty chair of the white house reporter, which led her to figure out that James certainly didn’t get killed during a car jacking. She made a couple calls; one to Huck to get to work on finding out who did it and another to Jake to do the same … but he was busy burying the other two bodies.

Huck discovered Quinn had broken into the safe where documents proving Cyrus covered up Daniel Douglas’ murder and James as “Publius” were kept. Huck trained Quinn and she was good. So, it dawned on him that Quinn purposely wanted to get caught. Up until that realization his intention on being in her apartment was to kill her. Hemmed up against a wall after failing to pull her gun on him, Quinn spit in his face for saying there was still some “Gladiator” in her … and then he kissed her. The scene was made even more bizarre when she didn’t stop it. What is this? Love? Shonda, what are you doing to our brains? When Huck caught himself, he walked away with his tools looking like he just spent another six months in the hole.

Olivia paid a visit to Jake’s office after the pieces showed that B-613 was behind it all. Olivia tested Jake, but he told her that if she didn’t go along with the false story behind James’ death, then “bad things happen to good people.” I call his bluff.

The world Olivia was working in began to consume her and seemed like it was starting to chip away at what was left of her sanity. The only person she felt she could turn to was her father and when they met, she begged for him to act like a dad who was needed by his little girl. Olivia questioned her job and if there was anyone worth saving anymore. Rowan reassured her that he believed the point of her existence was to save everyone. Everyone was worth saving. The advice he gave her was to not be mad at Jake because it was out of his control. Jake was put in the position to play “The Hand of God”. It was his job. That daddy daughter moment didn’t last long because Papa Pope clocked clean out after a warm gesture of his hand on top of hers and went on his way.

The only person that didn’t seem to be stressing anything this episode was Mellie. Before he decided to speak out in favor of gun control, Fitz sent her to accompany Governor Nicholls on a trip to win over some gun lobbyists. After a day of trying to reel those gun lobbyists in, they spent time alone over a couple drinks. Gov. Nicholls saw something in her that Fitz didn’t. So, she finally gave in and let him see a little more. Oooh, Mellie!

Mama Pope a.k.a. “Marie Wallace” was still in the works of orchestrating something with Adnan Salif, but after she killed a man who was in her hotel room to do business to send a message, Adnan got spooked. So spooked that she ran to Harrison for help with an escape route. Is this not backwards? The woman who Harrison spent weeks trying to prevent from getting back into the United States out of fear was running to him for help. What is “Marie Wallace” up to?

There were still lives for Olivia to save. David’s was one of them. She met up with him to convince him to let the man, Lance, take the fall for James’ death in order to save his life because she had a bigger plan. She wanted them to take down B-613 together, but in order to do that she told him he had to lose that battle so they can “win the war”.

What does Olivia have up her sleeves now … and why are Huck and Quinn sticking their tongues down each other’s throats?

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