Blood, Sweat & Heels - The Reunion Show

Last night on the reunion of “Blood, Sweat & Heels,” the all-female cast got back together with cameras rolling once again to recap the shows first season.

After watching the entire season (including the reunion episode), it was clear that all of the problems they had with each other stemmed from the judgments they kept passing about each other throughout the show. Melyssa caught some side-eye from a few of her cast members when she decided to take a step back into the life she was attempting to get away from and agreed to make a personal appearance at an event. Melyssa still saw no harm in it. After all, bills needed to be paid and all the event required her to do was to show up and snap a few pictures with people. They played back the footage of Geneva and Demetria making a joke out of it when they received Melyssa’s invitation to the event and Demetria did apologize for the comments she made in that clip. Melyssa revealed that she had gotten over her hump and was doing very well in real estate. She had transacted more than $2 million in real estate. You go, girl!

Of course, the event that fueled most of the drama was discussed. Mica’s episode in the Hampton’s and the “Prouds” labeling her an alcoholic was brought to the table. It was the same story. The “Prouds” sat across from the “Louds” calling Mica an alcoholic. Geneva went on to openly call Melyssa and Daisy enablers; however, Mica did finally get an apology from her. Geneva regretted yelling out “detox” that day in the Hampton’s after she found out what Mica was dealing with. That apology was a long time coming.

With all the drama and cattiness aside, surprisingly, the women of “Blood, Sweat & Heels” made it known that they still hung out and were stepping across the line that separated the group of women and reaching out to each other.

In my opinion, the final question of the reunion show was the most important. The ladies were asked why they decided to be a part of “Blood, Sweat & Heels”. Melyssa explained that she took part in the show because, as a group, black women don’t get showcased on reality TV as hard working people working to move further in their careers. I completely agree with Melyssa. We’re not. I had hope that “Blood, Sweat & Heels” would offer a positive look into the lives of successful career-driven African-American women, but somewhere along the line the producers seemed to have got lost in the dramatic script that reality TV infamously follows.

There were a few moments where the show possessed the opportunity to rise to the occasion. It’s a disappointment that the cast’s journey—especially Melyssa’s—as business women took a back seat to the cattiness that we already see on every other reality show involving women of color.

If there is a second season, let’s hope things are done a little differently.

Will you be watching if "Blood, Sweat & Heels" has a second crack at it?

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