Real Housewives of Atlanta - Messiness in Mexico

Last night on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” the drama continued in Mexico.

Phaedra sat down in Apollo and Kenya’s conversation to find out why they were even conversing to begin with. You could almost see the heat coming off of her skin from her blood boiling so rapidly. Saved by the bell, Apollo caught a break when Porsha and a few others came down to greet the rest of the group. Phaedra decided to end her night early and Apollo’s reaction to her leaving wasn’t at all apologetic because he felt he did nothing wrong or inappropriate.

The next morning Apollo must’ve taken some time to think about how things went down because the next morning he greeted Phaedra with a lily and horrible jokes. She was studying for her mortuary exam and wasn’t trying to be entertained by Apollo and his attempt to fix things.

Since Phaedra’s birthday was a week away and he was still in hot water with her, Apollo got the help of Kandi to set up a nice get together for her. They ended up enjoying themselves so much that Porsha knocked part of the cake on the floor when she took a blindfolded-swing at the piñata.

On the last night of vacation Kenya put together one last gathering, which turned out to be a redo of Nene’s couples’ night. She reassured everyone that the questions she prepared for a game were not going to incite any drama. She lied. After Nene pulled her card, which read, “Name something that annoys you about one of the other couples in the room,” things started up. Nene was the wrong person to pull that card because she ran with it and took the opportunity to complain about Kandi and Porsha’s “ignorance” on a couple subjects. That wasn’t the question, Nene.

After Kenya’s couples’ night do over was done, she asked the men to excuse themselves and hang out in her room while she had a short discussion with the ladies. Again, she wanted to clear any differences up so they wouldn’t take any negativity back to Atlanta with them. Wishful thinking. Nene didn’t want to discuss anything related to her and no one had anything else to say. So, Kenya opened the floor up for her and Phaedra to hash things out.

Kenya needs to learn some respect for another person’s marriage because after Phaedra, yet again, made it clear that she didn’t want her conversing with Apollo outside of her presence, Kenya spoke like she knew Apollo better than his wife did. What is Kenya’s point of doing all of that? In the end, they agreed that they didn’t trust each other and that the conversation was going nowhere so they ended it.

The ladies then walked into Kenya’s room to find Peter and Greg getting into it after Greg confronted Peter about the way he stepped to Nene during Kenya’s benefit event. Greg, you just decided to say something about that?

Nene checked Peter—for just about the umpteenth time—for involving himself in the womens’ business and telling him to stop acting like a “b*tch”. Cynthia didn’t say a word in Peter’s defense after she threw that word out.

So, is there supposed to be a redo of the couple’s night redo or can we give that up now?

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