Scandal - Lock the doors, Mellie

Last night on “Scandal,” things had gotten to another level of messy.

Fitz had his two older kids, Karen and Jerry, flown in for a televised family interview in efforts to help with his presidential campaign. From the looks on their faces, they would have rather been anywhere else in the world than the White House. They resented Fitz for being a cheater and they resented Mellie for staying with a cheater. Olivia sensed something was up with the kids when she got a weird vibe in the middle of prepping them for the interview. So, as usual, she went with her gut and had Pope & Associates look into Karen and Jerry. What she found was a little surprising.

Jerry had been running an anti-Fitz Twitter account and had bought a “Vote Reston” t-shirt. I’m not sure how he expected for the president’s son to be walking around with a t-shirt in support of another candidate to be kept a secret. When Fitz pulled his kids into a room to play angry dad, Karen stormed out of the room into another room where Mellie was on her knees with her boo Gov. Nicholls. Getting caught on your knees by your daughter, Mellie? You weren’t trying to lock that door, huh?

Over in the office, Olivia and her team were busy on their new mission to take down B-613. She got a call from her father advising her to stop digging because B-613 was watching everything she was looking into. Desperate, she was bold enough to ask him where they were getting their funding from, but Papa Pope wasn’t giving anything up. B-613 was still operating business as usual.

Always steps ahead of the White House, B-613 was on the hunt for terrorist, Ivan—remember, Mama Pope is working with him on something big. Creepy couple Charlie and Quinn had already kidnapped one of his associates, Demetri, to find out Ivan’s whereabouts. When the White House was alerted to Demetri’s disappearance, Fitz brought Jake into the office to ask that he have “his ball back” and for B-613 to release Demetri to him, but he had no power over Jake anymore. Did Fitz create a monster?

Before Jake left the Oval Office, Cyrus took his shot at Jake and attempted to attack him a vase for killing his husband. Fitz calmed him down and Cyrus almost looked like he was on the verge of a psychotic episode when he realized that Jake had only been doing his job to serve the president, just as everyone else had always been doing, including himself.

Adnan Salif took a chance and ran back to Pope & Associates for a way out of Marie Wallace’s grasp. Harrison convinced Olivia to help her out, but she should have left that business alone. After some intimacy with Harrison in the office, she drugged him and stole all the information about Grant’s campaign schedule off Olivia’s computer to hand over to Mama Pope.

If someone could clue me in on exactly what is going on between Quinn and Huck, I would appreciate it. Things between those two are getting stranger with each episode. Jake finally decided to entertain messages from Huck and sent Quinn to see what he wanted. What he wanted was for Jake to let her out of B-613. Quinn, herself seemed to be trying to figure out what was going on, but Huck held back on exactly what he wanted to say. She played on his vulnerability and licked his face to remind him of why things were different between them. Strangely, Huck was turned on by it and they had another intense and creepy make out session. Something tells me she knew licking his face would turn him on.

I don’t know where they plan on going with that, but it won’t be far since Charlie moved himself in to Quinn’s apartment to keep an eye on her incase Huck showed up again.

Just before the Grant family’s interview was supposed to begin, Karen told her father what she had caught Mellie doing with “Uncle Andrew”. Then, he proceed to walk clean into a meeting Gov. Andrew was in the middle of to plant his fist deep into his face. I’m confused. Why exactly is Fitz so angry with him when he has been rolling around with Olivia for so long? Wait for it. There’s an answer.

In a heated argument, Fitz blamed Mellie for ruining their marriage. Still confused? Fitz was so angry because after Jerry was born, Mellie had led Fitz to believe that her body had changed and she no longer felt sexual … but she felt sexual with Gov. Nicholls. She was on the verge of admitting what Big Jerry had done to her until Olivia interrupted them to start the interview. Damnit, Olivia.

Before the episode closed out, Olivia received a strange surprise; a call from her father who was now willing to help her take down B-613.

Something ain’t right!

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