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Last night on “Mary Mary,” Erica was upset that Tina skipped out on the christening of her two youngest children, Zaya and Wozie.

After the ceremony, she went over to Tina’s house to give her a piece of her mind for not supporting her family only to find out that Teddy finally revealed the magnitude of his infidelity. She looked beside herself on her front porch when Erica pulled up. There were two days left until the Ebony article was to release and a magazine cover with the caption “How I forgave my husband after his affair” placed over her photo was something she had started to regret.

When Erica got home and explained Tina’s absence at the Christening to Warryn, she was upset to learn that he had already known and hadn’t told her. Warryn backed up his decision to keep it to himself by telling her that the news wasn’t supposed to come from him or Erica. Teddy was supposed to be the one to tell his wife.

The Marys sat down together and opened the first copy of the Ebony issue. It was a bitter sweet moment. Reading a few words from the well-written article and knowing more truth heightened Tina’s anxiety because what was printed in the article was no longer her truth. She wasn’t sure if she could forgive Teddy now.

Mitch was the last to know and was out of the loop of Tina’s troubles until he got a call from his assistant after the issue was released. Poor Mitch is always left out of the loop. Maybe if he did his job better they would feel comfortable with him handling more of their business. After the issue hit the shelves Tina recoiled and didn’t want to be around anyone. Nothing anyone said helped ease her worries. So, when Mitch wanted to discuss why he didn’t know about the affair until his phone was being blown up, only Erica showed up.

Erica had to cover for Tina in Chicago on their first scheduled interview since the article on the John Hannah Morning Show. It wasn’t an easy task. All of the questions were about where Tina was and about her marital issues. Erica felt that she needed to get her sister more help to get her out of that hotel room, so she flew her mother out to Chicago to be Tina’s savior.

Tina found the strength to come out of her hotel room so Mary Mary could meet with the Ebony editors to follow up on things since the issue’s release. It lifted her just enough to hear the editors say that from the responses they had read it showed that her fans were behind her.

She took another step and joined Erica on their Windy City Live interview. It wasn’t as bad as she thought and performing their song “Go Get It” reminded her that she had the strength to overcome her troubles.

Before they sat down for their interview, Erica told her sister that Teddy had called to check up on her and Tina went off like a fire cracker. Will she and Teddy be able to come back from this?

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