Scandal - Bombs Away

There's only one episode left in the third season of "Scandal", but so many questions that remain after last night's episode.

After it was lights out for B-613, Liv was faced with the angry faces of Jake, Fitz and Cyrus in her office. It was the worst time for B-613 to not be in operation since Mama Pope was running around planting the bomb to take out the president.

They needed to call in as much help as possible to I.D. and find the bomb maker, so Fitz called Rowan in for backup. The OPA (Olivia Pope & Associates) office was an awkward scene with Jake, Rowan, Fitz, Cyrus, Quinn, Charlie, and the Gladiators all in it, but Jake excused himself from the party warning Liv about who her father really is before he left. Papa Pope has been acting too differently lately. Liv might want to take a bit of Jake’s advice and keep that guard up.

It turned out that Rowan knew the bomb maker, Dominic, very well and had been waiting years to end his life for ruining his own.

News broke that a senator and old friend of Fitz had died of a heart attack. The race between Fitz and Sally’s campaign to deliver the senator’s eulogy to gain more votes was on, but Fitz had a price on his head. For him, it wasn’t the best idea.

Let me just say this; a red flag should have immediately started waving for those watching the show when the news reported he died of a “heart attack”. All of us faithful Scandalers should know much better than to believe that’s how the senator died. Can’t fool me with that!

While Charlie & Quinn were coming up with slow ideas on how to find Dominic, Huck went out and did the work himself. A few hours later Huck dropped Dominic, taped and tied up, in the middle of the office floor and we got to learn exactly what fueled Rowan’s hatred for Dominic.

Dominic was the only man Rowan believed his wife ever loved. Dominic and Mama Pope were together before they met and it was him who told Mama Pope to marry Rowan to gain access to his information. Remember when we felt sorry for her being locked up in that dingy cell? Not feeling too sorry now, are we?

Rowan used Mama Pope’s supposed love for Dominic and a game of Russian Roulette on his head to reach her. Dominic made it passed the first round of Papa Pope’s deadly game and dialed her number, but she didn’t love him enough to even attempt to save his life before hanging up the phone. Well, damn. Rowan didn’t feel sorry enough for Dominic to change his mind about killing him. Dominic had a hand in ruining his life, so he took his.

Leo, Sally’s campaign manager, was on a mission to dig up any dirt he could on the president. Word got out that Mellie asked her doctor for a paternity test on her son and Leo jumped to get his hands on his own set of results. Leo got some of Mellie’s son’s DNA and made a call to Rowan to get a sample of the president’s. To make sure it showed that Fitz wasn’t the father Rowan grabbed a couple hairs off of Dominic’s body before the Gladiators “cleaned up” and Leo sent the sample off to the lab. Abby intercepted and paid the company off so the results would show Fitz as the father before Leo got his hands on the papers.

Liv headed straight to Mellie to find out why she asked the White House doctor for a paternity test, knowing that she wasn’t foolish enough to believe the doctor would keep that request confidential. Mellie wanted Fitz to burn. At the end of a drunken rant, Mellie spoke her thoughts too loudly revealing to Liv that Big Gerry may be her son’s father.

Sally was in the lead of the presidential election. Fitz was on a fight to win the campaign as fair as possible without any tampering. So against Liv’s advice, he went back on the campaign trail to secure votes in Ohio. Back where his presidency was made possible—the same high school where the election rigging happened in Defiance, OH—Fitz stood in the auditorium to give his speech knowing they believed the bomb was there.

Papa Pope felt that the only person his wife ever loved was Olivia and that she would not set the bomb off on Fitz if it meant killing Liv. So, to save his life, she flew to Ohio to sit in on his speech.

It pissed Mama Pope off that Liv went to Ohio. She walked right passed Huck and Quinn—who were too busy getting it on in the parking garage to notice she was walking by—and walked clean into Pope & Associates to tell Rowan to bring her daughter home. That office needs some strong security measures. Anyone just walks right in there.

Liv got back to the office to find her father dying on the floor with a gunshot wound to his chest.

But what was Mama Pope really pissed off about? Jake and David found out that Mama Pope was behind the senator’s death because she believed Fitz would make arrangements to be at his funeral to deliver the eulogy. The bomb was really planted at the church … where Sally was going to deliver the eulogy. Mama Pope knew the bomb wasn’t in Defiance.

Did she tell Rowan to get Liv out of Defiance to make sure Fitz would be at the funeral? Did she want Liv to be where the bomb was as well? Is Papa Pope going to die? (I don’t think so) Will Charlie drill into Huck for sleeping with his woman?

There are so many questions that hopefully next week’s finale will answer.

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