The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 6 Finale

On last night’s season finale of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” a lot of things came to an end.

Kenya had her memorial service for her dog, Velvet. Her Aunt Lori, Cynthia and her pup Bai Lei, were there for support as she laid Velvet to rest. Bai Lei didn’t look like he was down for any of it though the way he was trying to fly out of Cynthia’s arms.

Phaedra had completed her mortuary science degree so Apollo and their son Ayden surprised her with a cake. [Sidebar: Ayden is just the most adorable and intelligent little dude.] We should be seeing Phaedra open her own crematorium sometime soon.

Porsha’s divorce was finally over with. Her sister, Lauren, and her mom, Diane stopped by to help her celebrate closing that chapter in her life. I don’t think Porsha was 100% ready to flip that page seeing as how she still had the ring on her finger until they called her out on it.

The opening day of Kandi and Todd’s musical “A Mother’s Love” arrived. A couple days before they had been nervous about slow ticket sales, but by the time the show started the curtains opened up to a packed house. A lot of people came out to support including Tyler Perry, Stevie J and Nicci Gilbert.

I have to admit that “A Mother’s Love” looked really good from the bit we saw on this season finale. Porsha did much better than everyone thought she would have. As Momma Joyce watched from her seat, it looked like she was having a difficult time dealing with seeing herself in Kandi’s production. Kandi was hoping that Momma Joyce didn’t take any offense to it and instead took something away from what she saw. Momma Joyce said she enjoyed the show, but I think her expression showed that she had more to say. In the end she and Kandi agreed to disagree about her relationship with Todd.

After the show Momma Joyce’s boyfriend, Benny, had a word with Kandi and told her he felt different from the way her mother did about her relationship. He saw Todd in a different light and believed that the two of them were meant for each other. I’m not sure how this guy is putting up with Momma Joyce and her craziness, but I like him.

All of the ladies of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” gathered to congratulate Kandi and Porsha on their performances, all except Nene, who couldn’t make it to the show because of health issues. Earlier in the episode she had complained about pains in her side. She went to the hospital to find out that—as the blogs reported a few months ago—the pains had been cause by blood clots in her lung.

We all know that Nene is doing much better now twirling and swinging on this season of Dancing with the Stars.

Next week, we get to see the explosive reunion show. I don’t think I’m ready.

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