Blood, Sweat & Heels - Can't take your friends everywhere

Last night on “Blood, Sweat & Heels,” friendships were mended just in time for the celebrations, but someone may need to pull out the Elmer’s glue again after this episode.

After the dinner party fiasco, Demetria still didn’t see any wrongdoing on her part when she blogged about the conversation they all had without letting the ladies know she was doing so. Brie broke it down to her that writing about Geneva’s recently failed relationship wasn’t the best idea. Geneva felt hurt that someone who was supposed to be her friend could blog about a painful situation without any regard for her feelings. So, Demetria decided to take Brie’s advice and discuss the situation one-on-one with Geneva—they way it should have been done from jump street.

The two ladies met at in the city at Serafina and gave each other the chance to speak their feelings. The conversation almost looked like it was going to take a turn for the worst when a bit of he said-she said got thrown into the mix, but talked it out as adults. Demetria was able to apologize for any hurt she may have caused her. The both realized that as two women working in the media field, a feud would do more damage than just ruining their friendship. Good job, ladies.


This week we got to see Mica in action at work—and sober. At the office, one of Mica’s models was having some trouble with her walk so she took some time out to show her how to kill a runway. In her early modeling days, Mica faced a few obstacles trying to break into the business. She used to hear that she wasn’t “Black enough” for certain gigs or that her braces weren’t a good look. I wish someone would show me where this infamous scale is that measures a person’s “Blackness”. Now, with porcelain veneers and the right amount of confidence, she could care less about what anyone has to say. It shows.

It was time to celebrate the moves Geneva was making. She had recently been brought on as Uptown Magazine’s grand partnership manager and Uptown put an event together to welcome her to the team. Demetria attended the party to congratulate Geneva on her new position and to take another step forward and make sure that the glue they applied to the broken piece of their friendship was still holding strong. Melyssa and Mica also showed up, but it looked like they were really there for the alcohol.

Before they made it to Geneva’s event, Melyssa and Mica went out for a few cocktails. By the time they got to the party they were already on another level, but that didn’t stop them from making frequent visits to the bar. The CEO of Uptown Magazine, along with other executives and co-workers, were at the party and it wasn’t a good look. It was like the more she told them it was a work event, the more they turned up and embarrassed her. By the end of the night, Brie, Geneva and Demetria had it with them.

Demetria left the party early with her friend Jason, who had been on a horrible date with Daisy. He told her all about the disaster and made sure not to leave out the negative things she had to say about Demetria. Shouldn’t we all know not to talk dirty about someone to their friends?


Daisy missed the party—and the ratchetness that Melyssa and Mica brought to it—because her father was visiting from L.A. She had high spirits after having a meeting with the publishing company Simon & Schuster about releasing the digital version of her book, “Never Pay Retail Again”. Daisy made a beautiful dinner for the two of them. In the middle of dinner, her father asked the signature question women in their 30’s get from their parents when there has yet to be a husband around: When are you going to settle down?


Daisy can’t seem to catch a break with her love life. Her dad better hope her dates start to turn out better, because he’ll be waiting a while for her to get married if they don’t.