Real Housewives of Atlanta - Honey, did you bring your boxing gloves?

This week on "Real Housewives of Atlanta," Phaedra recruited her event planner, Dwight, once again for her son Dylan’s—aka Mr. President—blessing. She went all out for her White House themed event—mansion and all. The event was so beautiful and well put together that you had to ignore the fact that it may have been a bit over the top for a 6-month-old baby. Everyone was enjoying themselves but Phaedra’s husband, Apollo. I don’t think he even wanted to be there. Apollo was acting like his 3-year-old son when Phaedra asked him to dance and to get ready for certain parts of the event. Dwight ended up stepping in for Phaedra’s dance since Apollo didn’t want to take part in it. Phaedra and Apollo spent the whole time arguing under their breaths.

Kenya was still headstrong about having a baby even though she was over forty. She paid a visit to the fertility doctor to see if she still had the option of having a child naturally. She didn’t get the best news, but the doctor told her that even though it was going to be a challenge, it was possible. Since Kenya’s boo thang was all the way in Africa she decided to have a backup and visited a sperm bank. When picking a donor, she pulled out a damn near impossible list of things she wanted in a donor. It almost looked like the doctors wanted to throw in the towel. Kenya had another challenge waiting for her at Nene’s couple’s event.

Nene had a couple’s night “Pillow Talk” and invited everyone—including Natalie and Christopher. Since the blow up at the winery when Kenya questioned the status of Christopher and Natalie’s relationship, they haven’t all been together. Nene booked a hotel suite with catered food, candles and models to serve the guests, but I think she was planning on stirring up trouble with those dating questions that seemed a bit too relevant.

Nene was aggravated by how late Kenya was. When she did show up, Nene closed the door in her face. Oh, Lord. Of course, that wasn’t the end of Nene’s messiness. After playing a touchy game of “How well do you know your spouse”—which already had tensions in the room thickening—she brought up what Kenya had to say about Natalie and Christopher’s relationship. Kenya got out her seat to confront Natalie and Christopher got out of his to protect his woman. We all know where things go when one person gets out of their seat in a heated conversation; straight to the fan.

That hotel room turned into a fist fest and by the end of the episode hands were still swinging.